The story behind Obama’s immigration order

Gathered around a conference table one day in late April, Democratic senators had a specific request for White House aides: take a closer look at using executive power to shield young illegal immigrants from deportation. Read more from the original source…

Romney avoids specifics, says immigration needs ‘long-term’ fix

Reporting from Milford, N.H., and Washington — Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney suggested Friday that he was open to helping young illegal immigrants but said the new policy announced Friday by the Obama administration to suspend their deportations complicates efforts to find a permanent solution. Read more from the original source…

The New Leviathan

In the mail: The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future by David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin. Read more from the original source…

King Says He Hasn’t Decided on Party Affiliation

Former Maine Gov. Angus King (I) “told a series of gatherings in Washington this week that he really, truly hasn’t decided which party he’d caucus with next year if elected to the Senate,” Politico reports. King has insisted that he’s “keeping an open mind about his caucus affiliation, though he has endorsed President Obama for […]

Could Lincoln be Elected Today? takes an interesting at whether Abraham Lincoln could win re-election in 1864 if today’s technology and methods were available to his opponent. Read more from the original source…

Obama’s Immigration Surprise

President Obama “is relaxing rules for younger illegal immigrants who haven’t broken the law since coming into the country as children, a move certain to rile Republicans,” ABC News reports. “The more lenient treatment is similar to the proposals in the DREAM Act, legislation supported by Obama but blocked in Congress. Obama is scheduled to […]

SEC Questioned Facebook About Zynga, Mobile

As Facebook’s much-anticipated public stock offering approached, federal regulators wanted to know more about the revenue it gets from mobile devices, its $1 billion deal to buy Instagram and the control CEO Mark Zuckerberg has over the company Visit Original Source

Wal-Mart PR Rep Poses as Reporter to Infiltrate Union Meeting

Wal-Mart, which has made headlines recently for allegedly bribing Mexican officials, was implicated in another public scandal this week. Stephanie Harnett, a public relations associate representing the retail chain in its application to obtain a building permit in Los Angeles, posed as a student reporter in order to infiltrate a closed press conference held by […]

Kids: Now More Expensive Than Ever

Earlier this week, we learned that median family wealth has fallen dramatically over the past several years, taking us back to levels not seen since the early 1990s. Now the Department of Agriculture (which for some reason studies these things) reports that the cost of raising kids from birth to the age of 17 has […]

Want More Customers? Become a Green Company

Becoming a green company can boost your sales – and it’s a lot easier to accomplish than you think. A recent Harris Interactive survey conducted for Tork, a maker of hygiene products, found that 82 percent of American adults claim to be well informed about companies and brands with a strong track record for sustainability. […]

New Vizio Line Sleek, Light and Kind of Apple-ish

Vizio rolled out its first line of computer devices Thursday, including CN15 laptops, the CT14/C15 Ultrabooks, and CA24/CA27 all-in-one PCs. The thin, metallic devices in the computer line have drawn comparisons to products made by Apple. And with the clean Microsoft Signature user interface, they give the user an experience that’s perhaps close to what […]

Microsoft Event Drums Up Major Buzz

Microsoft invited reporters and industry experts this week to a special event on Monday in Los Angeles, where it promises to make a “major” announcement. Since then, speculation has been rampant about exactly what that announcement will be, though Microsoft has not released any further details. Theories that the announcement will be tablet-related are dominating […]