Google Unfazed by AGs’ Furrowed Brows

Attorneys General from 36 states have written to Google CEO Larry Page expressing deep concerns over the company’s privacy terms. Google’s new privacy policy, which permits greater information sharing among its products, should allow consumers to opt in, the attorneys general maintain. Besides lacking an opt-in mechanism, the policy also fails to provide a meaningful […]

Apple Shoves Motorola Patent Suit Into Limbo

Germany’s Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court decided on Monday to temporarily suspend enforcement of a ban barring sales of Apple’s iOS devices in that country. The case at hand is a patent suit brought by Motorola Mobility against Apple. The suit came after Cupertino changed the terms of its offer to license Motorola’s technology. Motorola won’t […]

The Transformative Power of Enterprise Architecture

Last month’s Open Group Conference in San Francisco focused on how IT and enterprise architecture support enterprise transformation. Speakers in conference events also explored the latest in service oriented architecture, cloud computing and security. We’re now joined by one of the main speakers, Jeanne Ross, director and principal research scientist at the MIT Center for […] Chalks Up Strong FY12, but Competition Looms hit it out of the park with quarterly earnings for its fiscal fourth quarter and full fiscal year, which ended Jan. 31, 2012. Total Q4 revenue was $632 million, an increase of 38 percent on a year-over-year basis, topping the $624 million expected by analysts. For the full fiscal year 2012, the company reported […]

41-Megapixel PureView Leaves Nokia’s Smartphone Strategy Muddy

Nokia, battered by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android operating system, Monday introduced the 808 PureView. The new smartphone, which boasts a 41-megapixel digital camera, left some observers stunned and others just yawning. Unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the 808 PureView costs $602 before carrier subsidy. Available soon, the phone is for […]

WikiLeaks Splays Stratfor Wide Open

WikiLeaks on Monday released the first 200 of what it says are 5 million emails stolen from global geopolitical analyst firm Stratfor. The emails, written between July 2004 and late December 2011, reveal Stratfor’s web of informers, its payoff structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods, WikiLeaks stated. Stratfor denounced the act as a deplorable, […]

HTC Touts the Power of One

HTC revealed a new line of smartphones at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress Sunday, showcasing handsets designed to emphasize audio and sleek, efficient displays. The line will include three handsets under the collective HTC One series: the One X, One V and One S. All will run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and will come with […]

White House Puts Privacy Under Bright, Hot Lights

Internet privacy appeared on the big stage last week when the Obama administration unveiled its plans on the subject, which included a bill of rights for consumer privacy. The President’s privacy framework evoked reactions from stakeholders ranging from enthusiastic to guardedly optimistic. “Consumer trust is vital to the growth of a vibrant Internet, and respect […]

‘Gordon Gekko’ Joins FBI Battle Against Wall Street Fraud

Gordon Gekko has apparently had a change of heart. Well, not exactly, but Michael Douglas, the actor who played the infamous corporate raider 25 years ago, has lent his “Wall Street” character to a new FBI campaign targeting financial fraud. The public service announcement is part of an FBI effort to crack down on insider […]

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