Deal to Keep Super PACs Out of Senate Race

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Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and his likely Democratic challenger Elizabeth
Warren have reached a deal to keep super PACs out of their race, reports
The Hill,
marking “the first attempt by candidates to wrest control of their
races back from groups over whom they have no direct control.”

pact signed by Warren and Brown on Monday imposes a financial penalty
whenever an outside group intrudes on the race. If an outside group
places a television or Internet ad supporting a candidate, the candidate
would be required to donate 50 percent of the cost of the ad to a
charity of the opponent’s choosing within three days. Negative attack
ads would also trigger the penalty, with the candidate whose rival is
attacked being forced to forfeit half the cost.”

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent notes Karl Rove’s Super PAC already appears to be signaling that it may not honor the deal.
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