Limbering Up for a Data Center Makeover

Let’s focus in on two major pillars of proper and successful data center transformation projects and some proven methods that have aided productive and cost-efficient projects to reshape and modernize enterprise data centers. Specific trends are buttressing the need for DCT. It’s important to fully understand the current state of an organization’s IT landscape and […]

Ensuring Software Quality Across a Global Supply Chain

Companies commonly rely on a myriad of software suppliers, from internal teams that share and re-use code to third-party commercial software suppliers and outsourcing development partners. Companies are increasingly being held accountable by their customers for the quality and security of the complete product. Yet third-party code typically isn’t tested with the same level of […]

RIM PlayBook Takes Security Body Blow

If there were ever a mobile device that could not handle another blow, it would be Research In Motion’s tablet device, the PlayBook. News has emerged of a vulnerability in the way the Playbook connects to corporate emails. Essentially, the flaw allows hackers to tap into the Bluetooth connection that links the PlayBook and the […]

ICANN gTLD Machine Grinds Into Action

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers began accepting applications for new generic top-level domains at one minute past midnight on Thursday. This is a major change for the Internet as we know it. The new gTLD program will expand the current selection of top-level domains such as .com, .org and .net to include […]

gTLD Security Threat Less Than Meets the Eye

Despite the pleas of some regulators and the advertising industry, the overlords of the Internet — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — plunged forward last week with its plan to drastically expand the number of generic top level domains on the Net. Generic Top Level Domains are what come after the dot […]

Can Apple Outdo Itself With iPad 3?

The latest rumor in the flood of speculation about the next version of Apple’s tablet, the iPad 3, is that it will be equipped with a high-definition screen, a faster processor, and the ability to work with next-generation wireless networks. A quad-core chip reportedly will allow users to quickly toggle back and forth between applications. […]

The Future According to CES

One of the things that unfortunately doesn’t happen much since Bill Gates stepped down is a quintessential talk on what the future will look like, and I find I miss that. So, to fill my own need for such a talk, this week’s column will focus on the interesting products I saw come out at […]

The Surprisingly Juicy Desktop Linux Market Share Report

There’s no doubt the Linux world has seen its share of good news over the past year or so, but every once in a while a tidbit comes along that calls for a little extra fanfare. Case in point: Recent data from research firm Net Applications suggests that desktop Linux’s market share has jumped considerably […]