Obama taps Cecilia Munoz to head Domestic Policy Council

As the White House embarks on another staff shakeup, President Obama announced Tuesday that he has tapped a senior aide, Cecilia Munoz, to run a major office that helps create and execute national domestic policy — a perch that may empower her to bring fresh attention to the immigration issue. Read more from the original […]

Chafee Backs Romney (in 1968)

Ted Nesi: “From 1966 to 1968, Rhode Island’s then-governor, John Chafee, played a pivotal role in marshaling support for the doomed presidential bid of his fellow liberal Republican, Gov. George Romney of Michigan. The very different roads their sons traveled subsequently are a reminder of the GOP’s transformation in the years since.” Read more from the original […]

Republicans Hand Democrats a Populist Issue

The Republican National Committee argued in federal court today to allow corporate campaign donations to candidates for federal offices. Rick Hasen: “Especially if Romney is the nominee, expect this to be rolled into Romney’s ‘corporations are people, my friend‘ line, the Bain Capital stuff, and the recent ‘I like to fire people gaffe,’ with Occupy […]

The Epic Battle Over the New Deal

In the mail: FDR and Chief Justice Hughes: The President, the Supreme Court, and the Epic Battle Over the New Deal by James Simon. A dramatic story of the most significant struggle between the executive and judiciary branches in the 20th-century — and one with critical implications for this year’s battle over President Obama’s health […]

Former South Carolina Governor Dumps Romney

Former South Carolina Gov. Jim Edwards (R) tells Massimo Calabresi that he’s not endorsing Mitt Romney this year — even though in 2008 he “devoted four months of his life to be the de facto co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign in the state, raising money and organizing supporters statewide.” This time, he is considering backing […]

Vizio Knocks on PC Market’s Door

Vizio will roll out five new PCs at CES 2012. Together with the company’s HDTVs, these will constitute an attack on the multiscreen home entertainment market, which Apple dominates at the high end. Vizio’s plans are “part of the battle for the living room, where you’ve got all your devices able to share information and […]

Symantec Source Code Scattered to the Winds

Source code for two security applications from Symantec has been stolen and posted on the Web. The hackers claiming responsibility, who call themselves the “Lords of Dharmaraja,” say they obtained code for the Norton Antivirus application. However, it appears they actually got their hands on code for two enterprise products, Symantec End Point 11 and […]

The Rebirth of the Hybrid Laptop: AMD’s Opportunity

Last week, an announcement from Lenovo got me thinking of Rory Read, AMD’s new CEO, who made some cryptic remarks about AMD going into ARM and no longer chasing Intel. Now, there are a number of hybrid or crossover products that will be coming out this year, with the most interesting being a cross between […]

All Eyes on Ubuntu as CES Draws Near

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious,” a very wise man once said, and that’s surely as true in the tech world as it is in the rest of life. Maybe that’s why so many have been so intrigued by Canonical’s cryptic announcement last week about its plans for this week’s CES […]