The Top Political YouTube Videos of 2011

From candidate ads to pundit debates, speeches from the White House to impassioned pleas from the American heartland, this year’s most-viewed political videos show us that a message that resonates can come from anywhere — and anyone. Surpassing the President and various presidential hopefuls in views, the #1 video on our list comes from a […]

Yahoo Starts Unburdening Itself

Looks like Yahoo is going to let go of most of its Asian assets — a large part of its stake in the Alibaba Group of China and its Yahoo Japan affiliate — and load up on cash. The move may allow the company to retain control of its core assets and perhaps even buy […]

Tech Trends in 2012: What’s Hot, What’s Not?

My Pick of the Week is a brand new category of computers called “ultrabooks.” Think of Apple’s thin MacBook Air — but on Windows. These are a hit with Apple users, so there is no reason they shouldn’t be just as popular with the Windows crowd, as long as they run well. I have not […]

Samsung Dodges Another Apple Patent Bullet

A judge in Dusseldorf, Germany, has reportedly issued a preliminary ruling stating that minor tweaks Samsung made to its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet’s design mean the device no longer violates Apple’s European patents on the iPad. That means, in essence, that Samsung can continue selling the redesigned tablet, designated the “Galaxy Tab 10.1N,” in the […]

Microsoft Does a Little Victory Dance Over ITC Ruling

Everyone seems to be singing the Sue-You-Sue-Me Blues in the smartphone market. Microsoft and Motorola are the latest to join the chorus, both claiming victory in a patent ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission. The ruling found that Motorola Mobility — which Google has agreed to acquire for $12.5 billion — violated one of […]

Relatives star in new wave of campaign ads [video]

As the Christmas holiday approaches, Republican presidential candidates are putting a warm and fuzzy spin on their campaign ads, breaking out wives and children to attest to their faith and personal character. Read more from the original source…

Christie Won’t Rule Out Veep

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would not rule out running for vice president, Reuters reports. Said Christie: “The fact is if Governor Romney comes to me and wants to talk to me about that, we’ll have a full conversation about that and then (my wife) Mary Pat and I will make that decision about what […]

Change By Any Means Necessary

The X and the O: A very interesting graphic mash-up of Malcolm X and President Obama. Portraits are also available that include other political figures. Read more from the original source…

Flashback of the Day

When Mitt Romney ran for U.S. Senate in 1994 he had a very different view of negative advertising than he does today. Read more from the original source…

Edwards Tries Again to Delay Trial

Attorneys for John Edwards have asked for a delay of his trial, saying the former presidential candidate is facing an undisclosed “medical issue” that will make it impossible to be ready for trial in late January, the Raleigh News and Observer reports. Read more from the original source…