Obama’s New Campaign: Sobering Cynicism; On trying to raise his approval rating (Videos)

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Due to partisan infighting and economic woes, the 2011 Obama campaign changes to a more realistic, sobering message.

This is a new video from LandlineTV entitled “Obama’s New Campaign: Sobering Cynicism. As the 2012 election draws nearer, it seems like that it’s only the beginning of the political parody season.

LandlineTv documents the search for the latest Obama girl. Armed with a revised re-election strategy that emphasizes measured pessimism and sobering cynicism, Obama’s campaigning team looks brightly into the future (Maya Amoils, YouTube Trends blog). The comedy is currently trending on YouTube.

Another comedic video getting attention is one from the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live where they show Obama “shooting” Osama Bin Laden a second time underwater to win approval ratings. A tribute to Obama’s 50th birthday!

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