Massive Japanese Earthquake Rattles Tech Industry

An 8.9 Richter Scale-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan Friday has technology experts weighing in on the temblor’s possible long- and short-term effects on technology in its many incarnations — from mobile, social networks and cloud computing to WiFi, mainframes and security. Their analysis is cautious; their predictions reasonably optimistic. “Some communications may be disrupted, depending […]

If You Don’t Like Cookies, You’ll Hate Addressable Ads on TV

“Convergence” is a popular term in information technology. It generally refers to the meshing of separate technology platforms — telephones, computers and televisions, for instance — to give users multiple options for accessing information. Convergence is what allows us get some of the same shows we watch on television on our PCs, tablets and smartphones. […]

Could Amazon Bushwhack the iPad?

As eager buyers began lining up outside stores to get their hands on the iPad 2 Friday, a report by Forrester analyst Sarah Epps suggested that Amazon might be well placed to challenge the iconic tablet with a device of its own. Amazon could create a tablet running Android or Linux that leverages its storefront […]

Roambi for SAS Ratchets Up the Integration Factor

It was only a matter of time before Mellmo, developer of the Roambi ES3 mobile business intelligence application, got around to integrating it with SAS BI. Now that it has, however, Santiago Becerra, chairman and cofounder of Mellmo, told CRM Buyer that the wait was worthwhile. “This is our tightest integration with a BI application […]

Jittery Notes From Tokyo – One IT Manager’s Earthquake Experience

From the 39th floor of a new office building in downtown Tokyo, Appirio cloud computing’s director of Japanese operations Jason Park shared with TechNewsWorld his harrowing, moment-by-moment account of Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake, a mere 150 miles away from the temblor epicenter. Park and colleagues “saw other high-rise offices and apartments visibly shaking,” he wrote. […]

Microsoft to Deploy IE9 in Browser War Hot Zone

On March 14, just days after Google released a new version of its Chrome browser — and right before Mozilla is set to unwrap its latest edition of Firefox — Microsoft will be unleashing Internet Explorer 9 into the wild, adding to the next chapter in the hotly contended browser wars. It’s the first major […]

Who Are the FOSS Police?

More than 70 percent of mobile applications containing open source code fail to comply with basic open source license requirements, OpenLogic claims. The company scanned compiled binaries and source code where available for the top paid and free Android and iOS apps in the business and consumer sectors. Of the 635 it viewed, 66 contained […]

iPhone Security: Priceless

The Android operating system continues to grow in popularity and the options it offers also have grown tremendously. Diversity can be a wonderful thing, but it may be coming at a cost in the form of a security risk. That’s right — everything you do on your phone is risky if you don’t play by […]