Reining In the Cloud

As cloud computing in its many forms gains traction, higher levels of management complexity are inevitable for large enterprises, managed service providers, and small- to medium-sized businesses. Gaining and keeping control becomes even more critical for all these organizations, as applications are virtualized and as services and data sourcing options proliferate, both inside and outside […]

Google Books $700M Deal for Travel Software Co.

Google has announced plans to buy ITA Software, a major provider of airline travel software, for $700 million. ITA is a prominent player in its space — it counts among its clients virtually all of the major Web travel information and booking providers, including such airlines as American and Continental as well as several aggregators […]

Mobile Tech: From Channel to Rainmaker

Until recently, a phone was just a phone. Sure, it got cooler when it lost the rotary dial, the cord, the wire and its voice-only restrictions. Still, it was just a phone. Businesses knew that the sound of its ring usually meant money (for what company with silent phones is profitable?) — but few were […]

Shrink the Cycle, Clinch the Deal, Hit the Numbers

Aberdeen research conducted for “B2B TeleServices: The 2009 Buyer’s Guide” has shown the end-user value of deploying external, customer-facing teams to source, nurture and convert the most highly qualified leads on behalf of an internal, B2B-focused field sales organization. Additional findings in “Inside Sales Enablement: Let Them Drink Coffee!” provide insight into internal teams that […]

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