Local Farmers: New Safety Regs Will Kill Us

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Lawmakers Planning To Crack Down After E. coli Breakouts

BOSTON –E. coli is a major problem for the food industry and a risk to public health. E. coli outbreaks have killed hundreds of people, sickened thousands and led to the recall of millions of pounds of hamburger, spinach, lettuce and other produce.

Now, lawmakers are considering passing a law that would ramp up FDA oversight of food safety. The regulations are still in the works, but already strong opposition is building among local farmers.

That was one of the headlines on the Boston channel a week ago.

Statistics Lie

Statistical lies are often fed to us in order to allow bureaucracy prosper. Here is a case in point. The article we site below is a case of government trying to destroy the small farmer by employing rules that make it so expensive for them to operate they will likely have to fold up shop.

Of course, government, as usual, attempts to pass such laws because, they are, after all, for our own good. In order to convince us that this action is for our safety, these are the statistics thrown at us…

Since March 1, more than 26 people in five states have been sickened from romaine lettuce. In 2006, there were three deaths and 276 illnesses after E. coli outbreaks linked to fresh spinach and iceberg lettuce. In 2009, two people died, dozens sickened after an E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef distributed on the East Coast. E. coli is a potentially deadly bacteria that can cause bloody diarrhea and dehydration.

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Certainly, it would be truly wonderful if everyone in the world could be saved from every disease and calamity. But at some point, people have to realize, we all die. To statistically save one person at a cost of billions to taxpayers may sound like a noble cause, but taking even a small fraction of this money to feed the poor would save thousands if not millions. It is an ill conceived lie to bait you into building government.

Let’s look at the statistics. The statement that in 2006, three deaths occurred after outbreaks, means that 3/350,000,000 died. What were your chances of dying? Less than your chances of winning your state lottery ten times…in a row.

Since March, 26 people got ill? Think about the simple math!! That means less than one person had symptoms, no matter how minor, out of 13,461,538 people!!! Thirteen million to one!!

We are a nation that has no obvious priorities. What makes the press rules. One child dies and we must prevent it from every happening again at the cost of billions while millions starve because we can’t provide them basic medical needs such as vaccinations?

Don’t let the government make you believe in these lies. Statistically, it is a huge waste of money better spent. Logically, it is a fraudulent way to grow government in the name of safety.

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