SC Rules on Bilski, Spares Biz Process Patents From Tough Test

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in a patent case that has held the software industry and patent attorneys in suspense for much of the last year. However, the decision, which came down on the last day of the court’s term, was worth the wait for advocates in favor of the patentability of business processes. […]

Can mSpot Find a Sweet Spot in the Music-Streaming Scene?

The early-entry, established companies continue to wrestle for dominance in the streaming music space. We have Pandora, Jango,, and Google Music is yet to come. Now, though, a small newcomer is in the game, and it joins the fray with an angle. mSpot has just finished its private beta period and is now publicly […]

Obama Orders Up Hefty Helping of Wireless Broadband

U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a memorandum that proposes the government to provide 500 MHz worth of additional broadband spectrum for auction — spectrum that is now controlled by the federal government and private companies. The goal of the proposal is to provide more wireless space for the operation of mobile devices like cellphones […]

Record-Setting iPhone Sales Limited by Supply Pains

Apple said Monday that it sold more than 1.7 million iPhone 4s in the three days following the device’s launch on June 24. “This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” Apple Chairman and CEO Steve Jobs said. Nonetheless, he also apologized to customers who were turned away when various retail outlets and […]

Socializing the Storefront, Part 2: Navigating the Scene

Incorporating social media strategies into your marketing plan is no cut-and-paste job. You’ve got to know your clientele and what appeals to them, and you have to engage them in a conversation rather than simply spew offers at them. In fact, if you don’t have the desire to commit yourself to social marketing, don’t even […] Taps Veteran Microsoft Nemesis for Countersuit has filed a countersuit against Microsoft, alleging that the software giant infringed on five of its patents in such products as Windows Server, the .Net platform and Microsoft’s Windows Live authentication system. is seeking unspecified damages in the suit, which was filed last week in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware. […]

Why Bother With Cloud Computing?

Like any other big change affecting business and IT, if cloud, in its many forms, gains traction, then adopters will require a lot of rationales, incentives and measurable returns to keep progressing successfully. But just as the definition of cloud computing itself can elicit myriad responses, the same is true for why an organization should […]

FTC Puts Social Nets on Notice With Twitter Smackdown

Twitter has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers and put their privacy at risk by failing to safeguard users’ personal information, the FTC announced Thursday. In what was the agency’s first such case against a social networking service, the FTC charged that serious lapses in Twitter’s data security practices allowed […]

Working Your Digital Assets to the Bone

There is a new mindset is pervading the world of digital assets, particularly in a cost-conscious economy. Organizations are looking to maximize the value of all their digital assets, both to reduce up-front costs and to increase ROI. Back in its early days, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed a real commercial, showing two cast members arguing […]

Are Your Customers Hinting at a Deeper Relationship?

CRM and marketing systems are all geared toward getting people to buy. After all, the whole point of investing in these tools is to increase top-line revenue. At least, that’s the argument we make to our bosses when we seek to implement them. Those tools are getting better all the time, and one area where […]

Google Rumored to Be Taking Another Swing at Social

Google is getting ready to launch a brand-new social network called “Google Me,” according to a rumor circulated Saturday on Twitter by Digg Founder Kevin Rose. “Ok, umm, huge rumor,” Rose wrote in his tweet. “Google to launch facebook competitor very soon ‘Google Me,’ very credible source.” Google did not respond by press time to […]

Processor Claims Ratchet Up Tension Between Intel, Nvidia

Intel and Nvidia are locked in a war of words over processor speed. The battle appears to have been triggered by a paper Intel engineers presented last week at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture in France. That paper, entitled “Debunking the 100x GPU vs CPU Myth: An Evaluation of Throughput Computing on CPU and […]

Dell’s ‘Love Letter’ to Linux: Now You See It, Now You Don’t?

Well, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride here in the Linux blogosphere in recent days, thanks to Dell’s proclamation — and then apparent retraction — of its love for Linux. “Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft Windows” read item No. 6 on Dell’s “Top 10 list of things you should know about Ubuntu” as recently the […]

Jobs, Ballmer and Obama: The Criticality of Balance

President Obama’s approval rating is in the toilet, and his recent firing of his lead general in Afghanistan suggests his approval inside his administration is likely not much better than we see outside. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, has been under fire for a while now and seems unable to get out from under stories of […]

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