Google to Cough Up Garbled WiFi Gleanings

Google will turn over data it collected from unsecured WiFi networks to authorities in Germany, France and Spain. This is the latest development in a controversy that began last month with Google’s admission that cars gathering images for its Street View service were equipped with devices that captured information leaking from unsecured WiFi networks. Google […]

Steering Around the SEO Blockade

As landing a high ranking through search engine optimization grows more competitive by the day, often blocking small-to-medium-sized enterprises from achieving top spots online, more businesses are turning to social media to find new customers. Many customers, meanwhile, are also starting use the search functions on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in addition to getting referrals […]

AT&T Finally Supports Tethering – Why the Muted Applause?

AT&T — the iPhone and iPad’s exclusive wireless carrier — has announced a set of tiered pricing plans for access to its 3G network through Apple mobile devices. It’s a move designed to allow customers more choice over their pricing plans and usage, according to the company. Critics, though, are not so sure. On the […]

Attracting Loyalty and Retention With Digital Signage

Digital signage is a combination of electronic display devices and content that delivers information, advertising and other messages to a broad or narrow target audience. The benefits of digital signage over traditional static signs are centered on two basic concepts: For one, digital signage content is easily manipulated, changed or enhanced, thereby allowing far greater […]

FCC to Test if You’re Getting the Broadband Speed You Pay For

Four out of five consumers don’t know the speed of their broadband connections. Do they care? Apparently not — but the Federal Communications Commission does, and it’s starting two projects to clarify how fast U.S. broadband speeds are. In a survey released Tuesday on consumer broadband experience, the FCC found that 80 percent of consumer […]

Facebook Becomes Box Office for ‘Toy Story 3’

Walt Disney Co. has quietly developed an application for Facebook that marries e-commerce functionality with social marketing. Disney Tickets Together, which debuted last week, lets people pre-order tickets to the upcoming “Toy Story 3” movie directly from the application. While engaging in the purchasing process, moviegoers are asked which of their Facebook friends they wants […]

‘The End of the Old’: Q&A With CA Technologies EVP George Fischer

CA Technologies recently unveiled its cloud management road map, along with a working plan for a family of new solutions that will form its CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite in the months to come. That’s not the only change for CA. With a new CEO on board, aggressive acquisition activity, revitalized branding and a solid commitment […]

Technology and You: Remembering Who’s the Boss

Today, technology is wonderfully ubiquitous. It runs our electric grids, keeps planes from crashing into one another, and puts the most treasured asset of all, information, at our fingertips. Yes, we are extremely fortunate that knowledge is so easy to get and so easy to transfer and pass on to others. There was a time […]

Social CRM Exacts a New Level of Honesty

Business software has long been described as “front office” and “back office,” which essentially mirrors the arrangement of real-world processes within most businesses. That arrangement made sense in the past — what went on within the business was usually shielded from the customer. That dichotomy often results in two realities: the one reflected to customers […]

AT&T’s New Data Plans Will Get Customers Counting Again

AT&T on Wednesday announced new wireless data plans that let customers choose the price they pay based on how much data they use. Beginning June 7, two new data plans will be available: the DataPlus option, which supports 200 MB of data, beginning at $15 per month; and the DataPro plan, which accommodates 2 GB […]

D8’s Ballmer Show: Lashing Out and Fessing Up

It will probably come as a surprise to the millions of people who have already purchased one, but the Apple iPad is just another PC, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who made the comments this week during a recent on-stage interview at the D8 Conference. “Of course it is,” Ballmer told Wall Street Journal […]

EVO Hits the Ground Running With One Shoe Untied

Sprint on Friday launched the HTC Evo 4G smartphone to a chorus of mixed reviews. Some hailed it as the best Android smartphone yet; others pointed out some flaws, both with the device and with Sprint’s 4G network. HTC has said it will fix some of the problems with the Evo by issuing an over-the-air […]

Jobs at WWDC: Taking the Stage With Chutzpah Only Apple Can Afford

Talk about dealing from a position of strength: Apple and Steve Jobs enter next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference as kings of the tech industry hill, makers of must-have consumer products and generators of must-read technosphere headlines. He strode onstage at this week’s D8 Conference to the opening notes from “Got To Get You Into My […]

Windows for Linux

Windows of opportunity, that is. No one can predict history, but when we look back to today, we may see through these windows more clearly. These are windows of opportunity for Linux — windows, ironically, at Microsoft’s expense. Economy, customer satisfaction, and technical excellence all present windows that, coyly played by the Linux “collective,” could […]

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