Brace for a Torrent of Tablets

The face of computing may be undergoing a massive change, and tablet PCs appear to be at the heart of it. “There’s a fundamental shift in the computing industry, which is moving to being cloud-based and mobile,” Maribel Lopez, founder and principal analyst at Lopez Research, told TechNewsWorld. With its iPad, has a commanding lead, […]

Making a Place for Yourself in the Blogosphere, Part 2

Once all the technical steps have been accomplished and your blog is up and operating, it is time to start adding content on a regular basis and integrating it with social media. “If I had a budget for a blog, I would spend it all driving traffic to it,” said Vlad Zachary, CEO of Career […]

Textie: Membership Has Its Privileges

In the U.S., SMS messaging is basically a charity program. The beneficiaries are the wireless carriers, and the benefactors are you, me, and any other smartphone user who willingly agrees to pay 10 cents per text, or a few bucks for a couple hundred per month, or any other “deal” in which we pay anything […]

European Authorities Join Facebook Privacy Dogpile

At least one U.S. Senator wants the FTC to investigate. Notable leaders in the tech sector have begun talking about dropping out. Millions belong to groups complaining about it. Now, European privacy advocates are on Facebook’s case, arguing the company’s latest round of privacy adjustments are not only wrong-headed, but may run afoul of European […]

Google and Verizon Sketch Out Tablet Plans

Lending further credibility to reports that circulated about a month ago, Google has apparently partnered with Verizon Wireless for work on a new tablet device that may run Android. That news was delivered by Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam in an interview published Wednesday in The Wall Street Journal, though no specifics or timetable were […]

The Virtual Machine Backup-and-Recovery Conundrum

Server virtualization has crossed the proverbial chasm. Not long ago, when deploying new servers, one had to justify making them virtual, rather than physical. Now, IT managers in many organizations have decreed “virtual first” policies, requiring new server deployments to be virtual unless there is specific justification for a physical server. Alas, for all its […]

Steam Heats Up Gaming for Mac Users

Valve Software on Tuesday launched the Mac OS X version of its Steam online gaming platform. Steam, a portal through which users buy, download and play both old and new PC games, was until now limited to the Windows operating system. Valve will soon extend Steam to the Linux platform. Valve launched a collection of […]

Brasero Burns Data, Not Time – or Piles of Discs

The ubiquitous CD/DVD platter may be on its way to Legacyville, one town away from the FloppyTown and the once-popular ZipDisk City. Large-capacity USB and micro disk storage media go where the CD/DVD cannot go — small mobile gadgets. But for laptop and desktop storage and bulk transfer needs, CD/DVD software is still indispensable. Nothing […]

Twitter’s Forced-Follow Flaw Fix Purges Users’ Fan Files

Twitter has stomped out a bug that for a brief period allowed users to force other users to follow them on the microblogging site. In eliminating the glitch, however, Twitter emptied out some users’ list of followers entirely. “Like other social networks, Twitter was originally designed to serve a pretty small community, and when it […]

Firefox 4 Steps Out of the Shadows

Speed, power and user control are Mozilla’s top three goals for Firefox 4, according to early product plans released Monday. Specifically, the browser will be fast — “super-duper fast,” according to Firefox director Mike Beltzner — while also enabling new open-standard Web technologies such as HTML5 and putting users in full control of their browser […]

SAP Puts Its Money Where Its Mobile Ambitions Are in Sybase Deal

SAP has inked a deal to acquire mobile and database software maker Sybase for $5.8 billion in cash — or $65 per share. That translates into a purchase price that is more than 55 percent over Sybase’s trading price before rumors of the deal became public, which was $41.57 per share. The deal, which still […]

The Verizon Googlepad: iPad Threat or Feckless Imitator?

In the technology industry, imitation has always been the sincerest form of flattery — if not a successful business model for certain companies. It’s even more so in the nascent smartphone segment, so no one seems to be particularly surprised that Verizon Wireless and Google have plans to make an Android-based tablet computer to take […]

HTC Retaliates With Apple Patent Punch

HTC, a manufacturer of several phones containing the Android mobile operating system, retaliated against Apple Wednesday with a complaint to a federal agency aimed at blocking further importation of iPhones, iPods and iPads into the United States. The complaint filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission, a copy of which was obtained by MacNewsWorld, claims […]

Who Cares if FOSS Is Profitable?

Money makes the world go round, or so it’s been said, but what about the world of FOSS? Sparked by a recent Glyn Moody column on The H, that’s the question bloggers have been wrestling with in recent days. On the one hand, we’ve got the fact that FOSS is generally free — a feature […]

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