Legal Buzz Saw May Have a Dull Blade

The latest blast of indignation against Google’s much maligned social networking tool, Buzz, has arrived in the form of a lawsuit filed on behalf of Eva Hibnick, a Florida resident, in a San Jose federal court. The complaint alleges privacy violations and seeks class action status. Buzz violated several laws, including the Computer Fraud and […]

Apple’s E-Book Pricing Flip: Chaotic or Cunning?

Apple’s role as the book publishing industry’s white knight may be over even before it has begun. Cupertino may not be willing to allow publishers as much leeway in setting their own e-book prices as previously thought, according to a New York Times report. After unveiling the iPad Jan. 27, Apple shook the e-book world […]

Mobile Enterprise Strategies: We’re All in This Together

As organizations enter 2010, it is no longer sufficient to simply provide mobile devices to employees and expect concrete business value to somehow magically appear. With the emergence of new mobile platforms, the infiltration of individual-liable devices into the workplace and the rapid growth of mobile applications, IT and operations departments are under intense pressure […]

Why CRM Keeps Sales Reps Awake at Night

Although service is gaining in importance as the economy is forcing customer retention to the fore, sales has long been the dominant leg of the CRM stool. Many CRM efforts were spearheaded by sales, and in many organizations, the SFA functions of CRM software remain the only features that actually get used. That said, sales […]

Verizon Does Odd Mating Dance With Skype

Just as Skype devotees use the Voice over Internet Protocol service to talk to friends and family anywhere in the world, Verizon Wireless used Skype Tuesday to send a loud message of its own to Apple, AT&T and the rest of the competition: We can play the VoIP game too. Beginning in March, Verizon said, […]

EPIC Takes Buzz Privacy Battle to FTC

Just a week after the launch of Google Buzz, the Electronic Privacy Information Center on Tuesday filed a complaint with the FTC charging that the new service violates federal consumer protection law. “This is a significant breach of consumers’ expectations of privacy,” said Marc Rotenberg, the group’s executive director. “Google should not be allowed to […]

DBMS Vendors Likely to Get Scrappy in 2010

The database market will see lots of activity during the 2010-2011 timeframe as nearly 60 percent of organizations move to upgrade or expand existing and legacy networks. That statistic comes from new ITIC survey data, which polled 450 organizations worldwide. Not surprisingly, the survey shows that longtime market leaders Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and Sybase will […]

Rivals Rendezvous in Europe to Plot Against Apple

Apple’s rivals have launched a flurry of broadsides against the iTunes App Store at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Twenty-four wireless carriers around the world, supported by major smartphone manufacturers, teamed up to build an open app platform through their new organization, the Wholesale Applications Community. Meanwhile, the Joint Innovation Lab, whose […]

Unified Communications: Decidedly Sustainable

I almost never attend a webinar unless I am speaking. When I need to know something, I usually get a one-on-one with a CEO or other leader of a company. They’re very gracious with their time, and the tutelage helps me as an analyst, though often I don’t run out and write something about my […]

Bringing Storage Virtualization Out of the Shadows

You’ve heard a lot about server virtualization over the past few years, and many enterprises have adopted virtual servers to improve their ability to manage runtime workloads and high utilization rates to cut total cost. But as a sibling to server virtualization, storage virtualization has some strong benefits of its own, not the least of […]

Evil Kneber Botnet Packs Mighty Malware Punch

As botnets go, the Kneber botnet, which has hit about 75,000 PCs in roughly 2,500 companies worldwide, is fairly minuscule. However, it’s disproportionately dangerous because it’s aimed at very specific targets — corporations and government departments — whose PCs store critically important information, such as Social Security numbers and corporate login credentials. The botnet used […]

Nanotech ‘Trojan Horse’ Sneaks Drugs Into Cancer Cells

Good things come in small packages, as the saying goes, and nowhere is that more true than in nanotechnology. Research in the field has recently led to several new strategies for employing nanotechnology in the fight against cancer, and — so far, at least — the results are promising. One of the hardest parts of […]

Could WinPho7 Be a Contender?

With the latest iteration of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft aims to narrow the gap between its OS, the iPhone OS and Android. Built to focus on consumers, Windows Phone 7 Series — or WinPho7 — was designed from the ground up. “We made a very big decision to re-examine everything […]

Gorillacam Swings In With Bunches of Tasty Photo Features

Without Apple headlining, Macworld 2010 was proclaimed a snoozefest before it even started. Now it’s over and we’re all left to sift through the various blog posts and news articles coming from reporters on the scene — which are decidedly fewer in number and weaker in excitement than in previous years. One item that did […]

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