France Proposes Web Tax to Subsidize Starving Artists

France’s Ministry of Culture has issued a report that recommends taxing Internet advertising revenue earned by such companies as Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft, based on the use of their services in France. France would then use those supplemental tax receipts to support local online cultural content, content creators and artists. Suggested projects include […]

2010’s Key Challenges and Opportunities in the Clouds

SaaS and cloud vendors face some critical challenges in 2010: They must deliver strategic value, avoid competing on price alone, convince enterprises to move core business operations, and fend off escalating security threats, to name a few. However, the year also holds the promise of ripe opportunities in many areas: international expansion, enterprise-oriented social networks, […]

Intel Sticks It to AMD With 32nm Core Rollout

Intel rolled out new computer chips Thursday that highlight the company’s lead over Advanced Micro Devices in its ability to shrink the circuitry inside its processors. Intel’s new Core chips, unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, are the company’s first to feature tiny parts whose average width is 32 nanometers, or […]

IRS Puts Customer Service on Hold

Need help with your taxes? Good luck reaching the Internal Revenue Service. Three out of 10 people who call the toll-free help line this tax season won’t get through to a human being — and that’s if the agency meets its goals for service. Callers lucky enough to get through will have to wait on […]

Comcast, FCC Take Net Neutrality Tussle to Court

The Federal Communications Commission staked out new ground nearly three months ago when it began drafting rules that would require Internet providers to give equal treatment to all data flowing over their networks. Now the FCC hopes to use a dispute with the nation’s largest cable TV and Internet provider to establish its legal authority […]

Motorola Lengthens Its Stride With Backflip

During its glory days in the 1990s, Motorola was the No. 1 mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Then Nokia overtook it, and ever since, Motorola has been trying to regain its lost footing. There was a glimmer of hope that it might be headed for a comeback in the mid-2000s with the success of […]

Brutally Honest Fault-Finding Pays Off for Coverity

Coverity cut its startup teeth seven years ago trying to figure out how to commercialize static analysis and software code integrity. The company, whose software developer tools are used by some of the biggest firms in the industry, released in November Coverity 5, a completely reengineered software analysis solution. Many companies are still looking for […]

Where Is the Stock Market Headed?

The stock market has had a remarkable ride in 2009. Presently, it has substantially recovered from its low point of March, 2009. Many of us are wondering where it is now heading, given that so many people have their retirement savings tied up in the market. In fact, I am often asked to prognosticate about […]

Hello E-Billpay, Good Riddance Paper Checks

It’s been nine months since I’ve written a check. That’s not to say I’m on some 12-step program to resist shopping. My credit card bills would suggest otherwise. Rather, when I opened a new bank account in March, I challenged myself to see how much I could use my bank’s online bill-payment service to stretch […]

Amazon’s Big Kindle Steps Into Global Arena

Amazon plans to start selling an international version of the Kindle DX — its larger-sized e-reader device — in more than 100 countries. The e-tailer began offering an international version of its standard Kindle last October. It will start shipping the $489 international DX to consumers in Italy, Japan, Spain and other countries on Jan. […]

Things You Can Do in a Ford Besides Drive

Twitter, Pandora Internet radio and other popular smartphone apps are hitting the road, thanks to Ford Motor Company’s Thursday announcement of forthcoming dashboard technologies that will soon be available in a wider, more affordable range of its cars. Ford CEO Alan Mulally, along with other company executives charged with integrating more consumer-friendly technologies into their […]

Palm Pumps Up Pre and Pixi, Latches Onto Verizon

One year after first showing the world its Pre smartphone, Palm on Thursday announced a new generation of the device at the Consumer Electronics Show. It also unveiled an upgrade to its Pixi, a smaller smartphone that relies on the same webOS software as the Pre. These, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, will debut […]

Nexus One: You Can Look, You Can Buy, but You Can’t Touch

The 2009 holiday spirit seems to have faded for Google and Apple, who didn’t waste much time getting back to the business of giving each other the stinkeye. First up was Google, which gave its Nexus One smartphone its first official public appearance. It’s a phone manufactured by HTC, and it runs on Android 2.1, […]

Are Tablets the Right Rx for Print Pub Ailments?

The cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center during any Consumer Electronics Show, and the endless rows of exhibitor’s booths hawking edgy technology products, can remind you of the final shot of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” — which is itself, of course, an homage to the last sequence from “Citizen Kane.” We’re talking […]

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