The Coming of Age of Local Online Advertising

The future of local online advertising is bright. As we stand on the brink of 2010, there are many reasons to be hopeful. We are seeing new innovations on search engines, the proliferation of hyper-local content developed and managed by micro bloggers and business owners directly, and a resurgence in online coupons. All of these […]

The Long Road to App Store Fame and Glory

With its popular “Tap Tap Revenge” series of games, Tapulous has long been a star of the Apple App Store gaming world. Lately, though, the buzz is all about the money: reportedly the private little company with 20 or so employees is now pulling down nearly $1 million a month in App Store sales. If […]

2010: The Year of Living Sustainably

Am I kidding me? Forecasting the year ahead? Sheesh! One of the reasons the task I set for myself is so daunting this year is that I believe we are in a massive transition state that affects the whole economy, CRM included. I think Tom Friedman got it right in version 2.0 of his Hot, […]

Web-Based Worms: How XSS Is Paving the Way for Future Malware

I first became aware of cross-site scripting (XSS) nearly a decade ago. At the time, despite being an all too prevalent bug in Web applications, the risk posed by the flaw was of limited value. It was the go-to vulnerability for any pen tester that was having trouble digging up a meaningful vulnerability to add […]

Software Appliances: Lean, Mean Deployment Machines

Today’s enterprises are clamoring for software applications that run in a wide variety of environments — everything from physical to virtual to cloud. If you are a software vendor, how do you make it easy to give them what they want? You could hand customers your software on a CD and let them figure it […]

An Ugly Victory

Ezra Klein: “Passing legislation, it turns out, is a long and ugly process. God, is it ugly. The compromises, both with powerful special interests and decisive senators. The trimming of ambitions and the budget gimmicks and the worship of Congressional Budget Office scores. By the end, you’re passing a compromise of a deal of a […]

Americans Prefer Democratic Policies

A new CNN/Opinion Research survey indicates that a majority of Americans believe that the Democratic party’s policy proposals are good for the country, 51% to 46%. In contrast, a majority of Americans think Republican policies will move the country in the wrong direction, 53% to 42%. Visit Source

Senate Passes Health Care Reform

The health care reform bill passed the Senate in a historic 60 to 39 vote this morning. Even though only a simple majority was needed, every Democratic senator ultimately voted for the bill. The Washington Post notes that with the vote “the hardest work of all will begin: reckoning with long-standing differences with the House […]

Lieberman Suffers Big Rating Drop

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll shows that Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) favorable rating with Americans has dropped almost 10-points in the past two weeks — from 40% to 31%. Lieberman’s well publicized opposition to the expansion of Medicare or the creation of any government-run public insurance option led to a Senate health care compromise that […]

Republicans Unlikely to Repeal Health Care Reform

More proof the GOP took an all-or-nothing gamble on health care reform: The Hill reports that Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) said Republicans are unlikely to be able to repeal the legislation anytime in the near future. Said Crapo: “Technically it could be peeled back if the circumstances were right. But we would have to have […]

Senate Vote Moved Again

According to Roll Call, the Senate agreed to further accelerate its schedule to complete work on the health care reform bill, deciding by unanimous consent to hold a vote on final passage at 7 a.m. on Thursday instead of at 8 a.m. Visit Source

Bonus Quote of the Day

“I can assure you the vast majority of the Republican conference was on my side saying we’ve had all the fun we’re going to have.” — Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), quoted by the Oklahoman, noting most Senate Republicans were willing to concede they no longer needed to delay a final health care vote until 7 […]

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