Obama And Music Industry (RIAA) Make Racist Attack On Rhode Island Favorite

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There are moments when you spot hypocrisy outright, like when Obama passed laws that taxed cigarettes to death to get others to quit, and yet the man smokes for free on America’s nickel. He spends US tax dollars to pay for disability and medical benefits should he contract cancer, emphysema or other related diseases as a result of his idiocy. He makes no effort to provide an example by quitting for those he says must change. Obama’s mantra is “change”, so long as it is not he that must “change”.

Obama’s hypocrisy does not end there.

Music DownloadingWhen you read this article about a man asked to pay $675k to record labels for illegally downloading songs, it almost seems surreal or laughable. It is the epitome of a judge trying to make an example of a single person, an average hard working American. Yet Obama endorses it. Do you think Obama would endorse such an action if Joel Tenenbaum, of Providence, R.I was a black man? How about if he were Henrietta Homeless, playing America’s heartstrings for more unjust retribution for being an irresponsible, but black, human being?

What is most interesting is that the music industry continues to choose to attack the weak (just not the politically incorrect weak), despite the fact the wealthy and famous, including Obama, rip off the system daily utilizing their wealth and power. However, notice how careful they are to only attack whites, because any other attack would be considered an attack on minorities and politically incorrect. Blacks make up half of the prison population in the US, but they only make up 13% of the US population. So statistically, shouldn’t we all realize, they never steal music?

We have child abusers in government (Barney Frank), we have murderers in government (Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick), and we have the penultimate paranoids (Richard Nixon, “I’m No Crook”) who is dead now, bless his soul. So much for every man being created equal. These men of power and wealth are rarely taken to task. For them, there is another interpretation of the Constitution. We are created equal, but wealth and power provide for criminal and hypocritical action and exoneration once born.

When you consider that music is all over the internet and readily available for download from almost anywhere, and that it is impossible for any individual to track what is or is not copyrighted, the ruling is idiotic on its face. We are willing to bet that the judge has stolen music on his IPOD, computer or other musical device. There are nations world-wide that market pirated CDs and music, and the industry has done little but whine about that fact. Why? Because they cannot use US litigation to intimidate people outside the US. Americans pay the ultimate price for international piracy? How is that fair?

And why does the music industry never pursue the rich, famous and powerful? Because they might lose? And there goes their entire argument down the toilet. It is easier to swat the little guy who cannot afford to defend himself or herself (although, notice, they rarely attack women). Then the industry adds to its success by getting the hypocritical rich and powerful to defend their actions. In such an instance, shouldn’t it be obvious that a class action against the music industry should be allowed to defend individual Americans from their actions? If the music industry or any large conglomerate pursues more than 10 people for a given action, those people should be able to defend themselves in concert to level the playing field.

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Another issue regarding the industry’s unfair tactics is their obvious reverse discrimination. Why do they not swat the minorities or women? Because it is politically incorrect. Justice is once again… fabricated.

Unfortunately, in the US, the industry can still use financial leverage and select their politically correct targets. They can demand an individual pay some exorbitant amount to the industry or be forced to pay attorneys to defend themselves, while the industry utilizes attorneys already on full employ. Deep pockets are the advantage. That is exactly what our laws are supposed to protect the American citizen from. Yes folks, even the white ones. We are all supposed to be equal under the law, and until Lady Justice takes off her blindfold, this is completely biased bullying of the average citizen by billion dollar conglomerates because they cannot manage the fair distribution of their own product.

There is the other side, and we understand the argument. Copyrights provide people rights to their art and patents provide protections from the theft of any invention. These people deserve the right to their reward due to their writings or inventions. Problem is, those copyrights tend to get gobbled up by the rich conglomerates. In addition, the conglomerates steal regularly from the little guy, and few have the resources to fight them, and lose despite the fact they are right. Might makes right, something we in America preach against. These laws were created to protect the little guy from having his inventions and creations being stolen by industry, but equality is a myth once again.

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obamaipodIn fact, the reverse is true. The industry is putting the sting on the little guy to set an example so they can protect billions, rather than attack those that could actually afford to defend themselves, while they care little about the real artist or inventor that cannot afford to prevent the theft of his or her work. The laws were intended to protect the artist or inventor, but, in reality, they protect the conglomerate, the Sony, the Capitol Records, the Universal Studios who take cheap shots at people like Joel Tenenbaum, of Providence, R.I utilizing their vast wealth and resources while avoiding attacks on the politically incorrect and those with financial resources.

And now we have our President speaking out on the matter? The hypocrisy of Obama, which is no surprise considering his actions from the start of his campaign and throughout his current administration, is clearly demonstrated throughout the world wide web, the very mechanism by which the music industry claims their works were stolen!! Check out the links below:




Obama is clearly calling the kettle black once again. Obama wants to nail a white boy for doing bad, when he himself is more of a criminal than Joel Tenenbaum, of Providence, R.I. There are only three huge differences. Power, Position and the Ability To LIE! A final fourth is Joel is a white boy.

So, we ask Obama, before he endorses such a court ruling, to release his IPOD to the Justice Department for review. Otherwise he should just go have a butt and shut the freak up.

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