Obama’s Health Care Reform: If it doesn’t make sense, force it down their throats.

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“Obama challenges critics on health care” -That is the general attitude of President Obama. Because of his majority position. Clearly, his stance is not that this is the best strategy for American healthcare, but that he will do whatever he has to in order to get Congress to sign it into law.

The real point that people in America are missing is that the plan is being subtly introduced to get America to pay Medicare and Medicaid through their contributions to nationwide healthcare. The objective of this bill is to get everyone to foot that bill, a general error by government along with the adoption of Social Security, not to provide better healthcare. Both are pyramid schemes that can no longer work if the population of America is not exploding. They inherently depend on a strongly expanding population to pay off the prior generation for their existence.

There is little doubt that Social Security will be adjusted to provide less and less compensation to individuals. This is accomplished in the same way a can of tuna goes from 6 ounces to 4 ounces, but you pay the same price because the can looks the same. Government just raises the age at which you can claim full benefits or creates other roadblocks or taxes to America’s benefits from these acts to get back some of what they originally promised to deliver.

President Obama is sadly misguided in his plan to nationalize health insurance. In Canada, healthcare quality has dropped significantly and many Canadians, placed on infinite waiting lists, have sought care within the US at their own expense. In some cases, it saved their lives. Government running your healthcare program is just plain not the way you want to go. It will be inefficient and delay the overall process of receiving treatment. Do you want a government agency deciding whether you live or die?

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Most of all, and we refer back to the primary premise of this article, this is purely to take the burden off the Federal Government for their failure to meet the commitments they made decades ago to Medicare and Medicaid. Their solution is to place everyone under the new nationwide health plan and eliminate Medicaid and Medicare as a governmental entitlement and obligation. But do they state that fact? Are they honest with America? Do they even care how deceitful they are being?

President Obama, so far in his tenure, has accomplished very little. The passage of a long term stimulus bill that will leave our nation a trillion dollars in debt and provide the Democratic Congress control over the nation’s purse strings for the next decade is all President Obama can place on his resume. He has been the most do-nothing President we have observed in our history.

As President Obama lights up his next cigarette while making cigarettes unaffordable for everyone else, we invite him to explain his hypocrisy and to clearly define how his healthcare plan impacts Medicare and Medicaid. When President Obama gets emphysema or cancer because of his weakness, America will pay the bill. Isn’t it wonderful to know that hypocrisy is alive and well in America and resides in our President elect?

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3 Responses to "Obama’s Health Care Reform: If it doesn’t make sense, force it down their throats."

  1. Comedy Plus   July 21, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Love it. This is happening all over the US. I’m right proud about it too.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. obama bailout plan   August 2, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    President Obama is so under fire because of this healthcare issue. While some parts of this reform may seem “deceitful” to Americans citizens, I personally think that it is wrong to say that Obama has accomplished very little in the early stages of his term. In fact, he is already doing well considering that in a span of a few months, he is already addressing such issues. We can see actions and the wheels of change are already moving. It is just that it is still in its early stages. I think we should give him more time to prove himself.

  3. ERICA   January 31, 2010 at 2:56 am

    Well, guess what. the republicans had office for 8 years and nobody talked about how bad and quick our United States was in so much financial trouble. Matter of fact, I don’t think anybody really paid attention to it until Bush started begging for money towards the end of his term. So, who should be blame again!? It takes money to make money. What Obama is doing is putting power if not just a little bit back into the hands of the common folk and allowing the wealthy to share the burden. We have to work together to build back up. Thats why its so divided and out of control now. Cause the rich stay richer and forget everybody else. Well guess what, it has to be a break somewhere. Specially if everyone keeps complaining about Obama spending money. It has to come from somewhere. Money don’t grow on trees. How is the government suppose to foot the bill, keep bills paid to fund the war, make tax cuts, keep America running, etc., deal with the banks and busnesses crying because they are in debt and not making money. Obama is like ok. If we take a chance and help, I have to have my hand in it to make sure my investment will be well worth it instead of waste of my time and yours. Its like monitoring your child and making sure they are in college to learn if you have to pay for college. When I help others I make they succeed. I will be stupid to give and help to people to fully handle the problem. If they could handle it, they wouldnt be asking you. So I will not only help them, but I will make sure they learn how to crawl before they work again, so they wont be back wasting time. Plus, its not like Bush left money in the bank. Blow it all away. Obama is doing what needs to be done quickly. We dont have time. The republicans had time to think and act on it, but it was a bunch of talk. Now that Obama is making moves, the one who dont make a move wants a say so. Well too late you had your turn…8 year turn, and did nothing but make it 20 times worse. We are on our way to another Great Depression. Do you think a person gain weight from the cookies he/she ate yesterday? No they gain weight from eating stuff that’s not good for them over a long period of time. But it takes a real person to admit where it rooted from, instead of making up excuses and pointing fingers lets just give the man a chance. And you cant loose the weight over night, and slow and easy to make sure you dont gain it back and it’s done healthy. But it also will take you doing something different that you never done before, because the same way is what got you there in the first place. If that was the right way, well you would be healthy and not over weight. I mean we gave Bush a 8 year chance and he couldn’t even talk correctly. My 9 year old vocab is better. Give the brother a chance. He made office right. I mean coming from the years of being second no matter what life dish to you because he was raised black…well I think that’s dang on good to end up where he is now. I mean, it wasn’t handed to him. If he can fight his way from already having a disadvantage and white American having a 400 year head start, I think he might just know something.


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