Obama Loses Ground With Public on Health Care

New York Times/CBS News Poll: “President Obama’s ability to shape the debate on health care appears to be eroding as opponents aggressively portray the effort as a government-takeover that could limit Americans’ ability to chose their doctor and course of treatment, according to the latest.” “Obama continues to benefit from strong support for the basic […]

Obama Approval on Health Care Similar to Clinton

The new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds just 41% approve of President Obama’s handling of the health care reform effort, which is nearly identical to Bill Clinton’s scores from 1994, when he failed to get Congress to pass health-care reform. Visit Source

Cut the Deficit, But Don’t Raise Taxes or Spend Less

This tease from the forthcoming New York Times/CBS News poll shows the difficulties lawmakers face when dealing with the nation’s problems. “Most Americans continue to want the federal government to focus on reducing the budget deficit rather than spending money to stimulate the national economy… Yet at the same time, most oppose some proposed solution […]

Large Majority Wants Health Care Reform

A new Time magazine poll finds that 46% of Americans said it was “very important” that Congress pass major health reform in the next few months, and an additional 23% said it was “somewhat important.”  In contrast, just 28% find the immediate effort either not very or not at all important. In a separate question, […]

McDonnell Holds Wide Lead in Virginia

A new SurveyUSA poll in Virginia finds Bob McDonnell (R) leadings Creigh Deeds (D) by 15 points in the state’s gubernatorial race, 55% to 40%. Key findings: McDonnell carries independents 2:1, and is above 50% in all regions of the state. Big caveat: Survey respondents voted 52% to 43% for McCain in last year’s election. […]

House Committee Reaches Health Deal

Democratic House leaders and four of the “Blue Dogs” on the House Energy and Commerce Committee reached a deal on a health care overhaul, Roll Call reports. The panel “will be resuming a markup of the measure at 4 p.m with plans to vote on the bill by Friday, according to Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA).” […]

Hutchison Will Resign Senate Seat

In an interview on WBAP-AM, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) said she would formally announce her gubernatorial campaign to challenge Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) in August and would resign from her U.S. Senate seat “in October or November.” Visit Source

Public Option Would Not Pass Senate

If President Obama is backing away from a public option in his health care reform proposal, it’s because he prefers to move the bill through the Senate’s normal channels and not through the budget reconciliation process which would require only 51 votes. In an interview on CNBC, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) said a Finance Committee […]

Democrats Still Hold Lead in This Poll

We noted two new polls earlier this morning that showed Republicans gaining at least a marginal upper hand on Democrats in a generic congressional ballot test. However, a new GWU Battleground Poll finds Democrats with the lead, 39% to 34%. Visit Source

New Jersey Governor’s Race No Longer a Toss Up

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) has so much to overcome in his 2009 re-election campaign that CQ Politics is changing the rating of that race from “Tossup” to “Leans Republican.” Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie (R) now holds the advantage. Visit Source

The Business Case for Virtualization Management: A New Approach to Meeting IT Goals

The process of deploying virtual machines has led IT managers to discover that the value of virtualization — the ability to pool resources, rapidly deploy new applications, increase resource utilization, and much more — can only be realized if the process is well managed. Thus, IT management’s evergreen goals of maintaining high service levels, reducing […]

Going Global From Rural America

Prior to the mid-1990s, the prospect of launching a globally minded company in rural America was, in a word, remote. However, times have changed. The Web now makes it possible for anyone to do business anywhere in the world. Small towns in America’s heartland that have long been dependent on agribusiness, pine for tech-savvy companies […]

Is iPhone Finally Ready to Clinch the China Deal?

Once again, rumors that Apple has cracked the China market for the iPhone have set the news media buzzing. However, the talk apparently did little for Apple’s share prices Tuesday. If true, though, those rumors mean Apple is set to grow like gangbusters. Meanwhile, Cupertino has locked up chip supplies and is launching attacks on […]

Primary Indicators

I am hearing from vendors that their on-premise CRM sales in the early part of this year are pretty good. No one has briefed me ahead of their earnings calls, but the results from late last year and Q1 seem to be pretty good. I should probably wait until the numbers for the last quarter […]

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