Verizon Throws Bone to Smaller Rural Carriers

It is the dream for consumers who are tired of lusting after shiny new smartphones that belong to somebody else’s carrier; the ability to buy any feature-rich phone from any device maker and tie it to any wireless provider they choose — exclusivity be damned. Frustrated consumers in some rural areas of the country might […]

Controlling Costs Through Virtualization, Consolidation and Modernization

Today, we discuss combining some major efforts in IT administration and deployment in order to both cut costs in the near term and also to put in place greater efficiencies, agility, enterprise business benefits, and long-term cost benefits. We’re going to be talking about how consolidation, modernization, and virtualization play self-supporting roles alone and in […]

It’s All About Nurturing Leads: Q&A With Manticore CEO Jeff Erramouspe

This is the marketing resource management world, according to Manticore CEO Jeff Erramouspe: There are the enterprise-oriented types of platforms that can handle robust applications. Their downside is that they require consultants to manage their difficult implementations and dedicated personnel for their ongoing use. Then there are the lower-end tools that give users relatively limited […]

Is Redmond Getting Its Groove Back?

Google’s Chrome OS may still be vaporware, but its announcement has set off reverberations in the blogosphere as strong as any produced by much weightier matter. Indeed, ever since the official announcement nearly two weeks ago, countless conversations have scrutinized the few details that are currently available about the Linux-based OS, with many pondering its […]

Calf Trail Geotags the Road Not Taken

In 1895, during the era of Horatio Alger, an obscure poet named Sam Walter Foss published “Calf-Path.” It’s about men following the road of least resistance and what we call today “thinking outside the box.” “For men are prone to go it blind/Along the calf-paths of the mind,” Foss wrote. “And work away from sun […]

The Cryptic Credibility of Online Hotel Reviews

The hotel review may sound too good — citing obscure details like the type of faucets — or perhaps one stands out as the only negative rating of an otherwise popular location. The influential travel Web site TripAdvisor has been quietly posting disclaimers to warn customers of hotels writing fake reviews to improve their popularity […]

Gateway Joins Under-$300 Netbook Parade

Gateway announced its third entrant in the netbook market on Monday, the LT2000 series, less than a month after introducing the 3100 series, its first product offering in this category. The LT2000 netbooks, which will retail beginning at $299, sport an Intel chip and feature limited multi-gesture support. They have an 11.6-inch high-definition widescreen display […]

Nokia N86 Zooms In on US

Well after launching its latest 8-megapixel smartphone camera elsewhere in the world, Nokia on Monday announced plans to sell the device in the U.S. The Nokia N86 will be available at Nokia stores as well as online. Its price tag: $558, well over twice as much as similar phones from Samsung and Sony Ericsson, when […]

Microsoft Spiffs Up Office for Mac

Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit has introduced its second service pack for Office for Mac 2008. The pack increases the productivity application’s speed and provides additional sharing tools. New is the Document Connection for Mac, which allows users to browse documents using SharePoint and Office Live workspace. Another plus in this mid-cycle release is Office Live […]

Microsoft Makes Apple Eat Humble Apple Pie

There’s generally more attention on the fight between Microsoft and Google this decade than on the fight between Apple and Microsoft. That’s because Google seems to represent the future, while Apple and Microsoft are often seen as anachronisms from a prior age. However, these two clearly aren’t ready for the tech old folks home yet […]

Apollo 11 Crew to Obama: We Got the Moon, Now Shoot for Mars

The first astronauts to walk on the moon want President Barack Obama to aim for a new destination: Mars. On Monday, the Apollo 11 crewmen, fresh from a Washington lecture Sunday in which two of them expressed concerns about NASA getting bogged down on the moon, are meeting with Obama at the White House. In […]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (Huntress)?

A mini-drama of particular interest to bloggers unfolded in the midst of the hoopla surrounding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s resignation earlier this month. When a false rumor surfaced that she was stepping down because a federal investigation had been launched into possible illegal use of state funds, Palin threatened to sue a blogger who had […]

Despite Friction, US and China Partner for Clean Energy Research

The United States and China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters, announced plans for a joint clean energy research center Wednesday as the American commerce secretary appealed to Beijing to avoid imposing trade barriers on green technology. The research center is an effort at compromise between the two governments, which disagree on whether China should […]

Linux exploit evades security barrier

A security hole in the Linux kernel, which allows security features in the operating system to be bypassed, affects Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, according to a security researcher A security researcher has released zero-day code for a flaw in the Linux kernel, saying that it bypasses security protections… Visit Source

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