IBM and the Magic of Squeezing Margins

IBM has proved a rare animal in the recession. Like everyone else, its sales have been hurt. Profit margins, though, have only gotten better and better, and on Thursday IBM ramped up its full-year earnings forecast. It was a rare sign of confidence for a major corporation these days, but says more about IBM’s execution […]

June Not Much Fun for Video Game Makers

Though the video game industry weathered several months of relatively healthy sales despite a troubled overall economic climate, declarations that the sector is recession proof may have been premature. Video game industry sales fell 31 percent year-over-year for the month of June, totaling $1.17 billion dollars against the $1.7 billion racked up in June of […]

Microsoft and Yahoo, Together Again

Microsoft and Yahoo may be close to finalizing details on the elusive search and online advertising deal that the two have been flirting with for more than a year. Microsoft executives reportedly have flown from their Redmond headquarters to Silicon Valley to finalize details relating to the deployment of the technology. There are some sticking […]

Rifling Through Twitter’s Underwear Drawer

Getting your personal email hacked is generally a personal problem. There might be some minor career implications if it happens while you’re running for vice president of the United States, but it tends to be more embarrassing than costly. But when you use the same password for personal email that you use for accessing work-related […]

Rovi Rises as Macrovision Falls Off the Map

Macrovision, a company that has a number of operations under its roof but is best known for its digital rights management software, has issued a spate of announcements. Two major developments head the list: It is changing its name, and it is embarking on a new product path — namely the launch of a media […]

Web Analytics: Deep in the Genome of E-Commerce

When e-commerce was hatched back in the ’90s, it would have lived for a while without Web analytics, but not for long. It would have died a cruel death in its nest, hungrily watching as bigger, more traditional channels ate up all the nurturing dollars brought to the nest by its parent company — except […]

Time for a Virtual Agent Reality Check?

For decades, companies have leveraged technology with the twin goals of reducing the cost of customer support while improving its quality and dependability. This is reflected in the significant investments many organizations have made in providing information, products and services through self-service channels. These twin goals are achievable, but there are numerous examples of one […]

Google Investors Spank Shares on Flimsy Q2 Growth

Google’s Internet ad sales grew at their slowest rate on record during the spring, forcing the online search leader to tighten its belt another notch to propel its second-quarter profit above analyst estimates. The performance — punctuated by revenue growth of just 3 percent — disappointed investors. The company’s shares fell more than 3 percent […]

Twitter Hack Opens Pandora’s Box of Security Issues

A hack into Twitter’s back-end productivity applications earlier this month is raising some serious questions — not only about password system security itself, but also about some consequences of network intrusion that may have been unforeseen. About a month ago, a hacker was able to access a Twitter employee’s personal email account, according to a […]

Kindle Case Could Crack Amazon’s Customer Service Image

An unhappy Kindle customer is taking his grievance to court. Seattle resident Matthew Geise bought the second-generation model of’s popular e-reader device, the Kindle 2 — along with the $29.99 Kindle Cover — only to find that this protective covering was anything but. Geise made the purchase as a birthday gift for his wife. […]

Culture Shock: The Web Generation Meets Corporate America

Ryan Tracy thought he’d entered the Dark Ages when he graduated college and arrived in the working world. His employer blocked access to Facebook, Gmail and other popular Internet sites. He had no wireless access for his laptop and often ran to a nearby cafe on work time so he could use its WiFi connection […]

Mozilla Fixes Firefox JavaScript Glitch

Thursday marked yet another chapter in the short, rocky history of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 browser, as the foundation released a security update a little more than two weeks after unveiling it. Firefox 3.5.1 fixes a JavaScript vulnerability in version 3.5 that exposed users to so-called drive-by attacks. However, the fix may rob Firefox 3.5 of […]

Palm’s Mojo Risin’

Palm issued a public release of the Mojo software development kit for its new webOS operating system, in what could possibly be a response to leaks of the SDK in June. The SDK, given a limited release in April, had been slated for public release by the end of summer. Palm’s take is that the […]

How to Keep XP Running in a Windows 7 World

Many organizations are facing a major decision about what to do with their PC operating system: upgrade it for all users, phase in an upgrade, or stay with their current OS. Migrating poses challenges from equipment upgrades, to installing and configuring the new OS, to moving user data and settings. Many organizations will instead choose […]

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