Levi Johnston: Money prompted Palin to resign. More coverage of Governor Palin’s resignation

The former fiance of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s 18-year-old daughter says he thinks he knows why the Alaska governor is resigning– concerns over money. Johnston spoke at a news conference Thursday at the office of his attorney.(July 9) Palin’s future remains a mystery Since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she was quitting, analysts have speculated […]

Obama Administration Plows Ahead With Controversial E-Verify Program

Despite strong opposition from business groups and a lawsuit, the Obama administration is making E-Verify, an online verification program, mandatory for businesses working with the federal government. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Wednesday announced support for the program, which lets businesses check employees’ work status online. Implementation of E-Verify has been delayed […]

Kindle 2 Price Cut May Not Be Kind Enough

Maybe Amazon’s dreams of beaches filled with summer readers clicking on Kindles instead of riffling through a James Patterson or Clive Cussler page-turner didn’t quite pan out. Or maybe economic stimulus funds haven’t trickled down far enough to get recession-weary consumers thinking of e-book readers as must-have purchases. In any event, Amazon’s decision Thursday to […]

Don’t Give Your Customers a Reason to Park Their Carts

Up to 70 percent of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before completing the checkout process, according to SeeWhy, a company specializing in abandonment tracking software. This rate, which rose substantially from 2005 to 2008, is in part a reflection of the intensified comparative shopping that visitors conduct on many sites simultaneously. The ability of […]

The Carrot, the Stick and Other Sales Effectiveness Strategies

Companies seeking to organize and centralize customer, account and opportunity information are leveraging sales force automation and customer relationship management tools to provide sales managers with better visibility into internal operations and improve overall sales productivity. Despite the proposed benefits of an SFA/CRM initiative, some companies are still not realizing the sales potential of their […]

EMC Snags Data Domain in $2.1B Deal

For the last month and a half, a fierce bidding contest has lit up a staid but increasingly critical part of the computing world. On Wednesday, EMC walked away with the prize. After muscling its way into talks it wasn’t invited to, EMC outbid rival NetApp for Data Domain, whose technology helps companies cut the […]

Microsoft, EC May Forge Settlement of Antitrust Charges

Microsoft reportedly is in preliminary talks to settle two pending antitrust investigations now before the European Commission. Microsoft wants to end these probes before the Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes leaves office at the end of the year, according to the scuttlebutt. Both of the antitrust investigations began in January 2008. One was sparked by a […]

Google Apps Bump the ‘B’ Word

Large, mid-size and small businesses that were already using Gmail for their communications needs may have forgotten that the email application was still officially a beta app — that is, a work in progress, with all the tinkering and occasional downtime that goes along with the label. On Tuesday, however, Google decided that it was […]

CashStar Throws Its Gift Cards on the E-tail Table

It seemed like a logical leap: If you already provide shoppers with coupons online, what’s to stop you from offering them an online source for e-gift cards? So the founders of online gift card company CashStar pooled resources with online shopping coupon mogul Coupons Inc. to create an outlet for merchants to offer more services […]

Of DoJ Probes, Lost Marketers and Nvidia Vexations

It’s been a pretty bad week for the financial markets in general, and it seems the bears may stick around for a while. On Tuesday, the S&P fell to a 10-week low; meanwhile the Obama administration began muttering about a new stimulus package, the Dow fell more than 161 points, and the Nasdaq fell more […]

3 Keys to Mobile Customer Retention

The U.S. has a wireless subscriber base of nearly 270 million users, with 12.5 percent using mobile Internet services. At the other end of the wireless technology spectrum, 98 percent of all cellphones in the U.S. are now text-enabled. In the past two years, texting increased more than 450 percent. Today’s average mobile user places […]

Google’s Chrome OS: A Wispy Desktop Adversary?

Google’s announcement of a Chrome operating system, coming just nine months after its launch of the Chrome browser, has the tech sector buzzing over the possibilities. Google is targeting netbooks, claiming to have agreements with several OEMs already inked. How will the option of a Chrome OS be received by the desktop-using masses? Are they […]

The Stunning Impact of E-Discovery on IT

In today’s world, it is no wonder that every lawsuit has electronic evidence. Unfortunately, for the most part, lawyers and judges do not understand IT or the Internet. As a result, litigation generally misses the mark regarding what is now referred to as “ESI,” or electronically stored information. It is in your best interest to […]

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