Kayak Makes Waves Over Bing’s Design Similarities

Microsoft is the target of yet another legal challenge — this time from the online travel Web site Kayak, which has sent the software giant a letter noting similarities between its own site and Bing’s travel service. It has asked Microsoft to take steps to address the matter. “Our concern is about confusion from consumers […]

Investors Flock to Palm Despite Another Beastly Quarter

Palm continued to hemorrhage money in the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2009. For the quarter that ended May 31, the firm’s net loss totaled more than $91.5 million. However, the figures it revealed Thursday represent the months just ahead of Palm’s release of the Pre. Palm’s latest smartphone sold 100,000 units in its first […]

Windows 7 Likely to Get Chilly Reception at Enterprise Door

Right now, Microsoft is focusing on the consumer market by getting Windows 7 out in time for the holiday season and announcing price points compatible with recession-era budgets. However, an even bigger constituency is the business community — and after the debacle that was Vista, it is understandable to wonder how eagerly it will embrace […]

The Top 5 To-Dos Before Kicking Off Your E-Commerce Project

So you are ready to embark on an e-commerce project. You are not alone. The Economist found that of 15 major industries studied in late 2008, only one — e-commerce — had a sunny outlook for 2009. My analyst tells me that 20 percent to 30 percent of firms that do business online will start […]

Usability: The Cornerstone of E-Commerce/CRM Convergence

When e-commerce was born some 13 years ago, systems were typically proprietary, requiring a large team of internal developers to constantly upgrade features while diligently working to integrate them into key legacy back-office systems. At times, these were near-impossible tasks that consumed vast amounts of money and time. Today, the approach favored in most e-commerce […]

Dell Found in Contempt for Dragging Feet in Lawsuit

A state court judge on Thursday found Dell in contempt of court, saying the computer company was making a “mockery” of the system with its alleged piecemeal production of documents in a civil lawsuit over New Orleans’ crime camera system. Judge Rosemary Ledet also ordered Texas-based Dell to pay $25,000 in sanctions. Plaintiffs’ attorneys had […]

E-Commerce Momentum Boosts Digital River Rating

Shares of e-commerce software service provider Digital River rose nearly 5 percent in afternoon trading after a JMP Securities analyst upgraded the stock to “Market Outperform” from “Market Perform,” citing strong business fundamentals and strength in the company’s digital download service business. JMP analyst Sameet Sinha boosted his rating, and said in an interview with […]

Microsoft Puts Price Tags on Windows 7 and Holds Its Breath

Microsoft has announced price points for its highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system, which is expected to be generally available on Oct. 22. OEMs will start shipping new machines with Windows 7 on Oct. 2. Regular buyers of Windows will not see a significant change from the Windows Vista price schedule. On average, the new […]

China Waves Big Stick – Will Google et al Cower?

China’s bid to clamp down on online porn has sparked a flurry of activity. PC makers are scrambling to install Green Dam Youth Escort, an Internet filtering software application, on every desktop and laptop sold in the country by the July 1 deadline issued by the nation’s government. However, they’re not taking things lying down […]

So You Want to Start a Tech Business, Part 2

Lacing a shoestring budget with enough green to get your startup up and running takes some finagling. Still, it can be done. If you can’t find investor backing right now, then turn to alternative funding routes. You may want to start with your own hidden assets to find the cash you need. One example: Retirement […]

Google Throws Its Voice to the Masses

Three months after unveiling its Google Voice application, Google unveiled a limited public roll-out on Thursday. The application’s home site says the tool is available by invitation only. Anyone can sign up for an invitation, though they must then wait for a go-ahead from Google. Google has added several features to the application since March. […]

The Iran Lesson: Technology Can Set You Free

After two weeks of news from Iran, it wasn’t a tweet from Tehran that came to symbolize the horror in a potential revolution and the real-time, cinema verite nature of its storytelling. True, it was a moment brought to you by digital technology and the Internet, but it wasn’t Twitter that made the leader of […]

The Flawed Focus of Universal Broadband

This month, the Federal Communications Commission begins drafting a national broadband plan as part of the 2009 stimulus package. This is not the first government attempt at broadband ubiquity, so the FCC can learn from past failures. The commissioners have less than eight months to “ensure that all people of the United States have access […]

What I Need to Help Sell Linux

I believe with the right approach, Linux can take a great chunk of the market; you just have to give the market what it needs and wants, while allaying its fears. What’s needed is a true Linux SMB Edition, targeting specifically the needs and fears of those businesses that are using Windows — especially those […]

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