What Did George Bush Do Wrong Contest… THE WINNER IS!!

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georgebushWe have selected a winner to our recent contest: What did George Bush do wrong?

The winning answer was that of skwguitar for this answer:

“He abandoned the time-honored conservative belief of small
government, instead opting for a neo-conservative approach of large
spending. Deregulation played its role, no doubt, but not before Bush
allowed the Federal Reserve (who technically have no regulation
anyways) to artificially lower interest rates, causing the housing
bubble to rise. To Bush’s credit he tried to help out home-owners… but
he didn’t try all that hard. And we ended up with a whole slew of
catastrophic effects that lead us to where we are now economically.
The other thing Bush did when the crap hit the fan right before he
left office was… well, nothing. There’s no doubt in my mind Bush had
nothing to do with that T.A.R.P. bailout he just approved it after
Bernanke and Hank Paulsen told him to do it. But his inaction allowed
us to get where we are. Overall, I think that’s my main beef with
Bush. He’s not a very good leader… often times he had that deer in the
headlights look when something happened that required his leadership.”

The answer was selected because it was well presented, well thought out and not heavy handed and full of conjecture.

Second place went to ContestWinner for this answer:

“The main reason George Bush is so unpopular is because he beat two liberal Democrats in Presidential elections. The Dems thought they had both elections in the bag and lost! Because the liberals are much more vocal in the popularity ratings, Bush took a pounding over time.”

We liked this answer, because it was humorous, but still has a strong air of truth about it.

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Last place was OnlyBush, who blamed Bush for deregulation, but did not say what deregulation Bush was responsible for…

The contest prize has been awarded to skwguitar and we thank all of you for your participation.

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