A Tired And Courageous American Speaks Out

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Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies of The Record

This is one American that tells it exactly like it is. And liberal or not, this man speaks from a heart that deserves our respect because unlike Henrietta Homeless, he earned it.

“I’m tired of being told how bad America is by leftwing millionaires like Michael Moore, George Soros and Hollywood entertainers who live in luxury because of the opportunities America offers. In thirty years, if they get their way, the United States will have the religious freedom and women’s rights of Saudi Arabia, the economy of Zimbabwe, the freedom of the press of China, the crime and violence of Mexico, the tolerance for Gay people of Iran, and the freedom of speech of Venezuela. Won’t multiculturalism be beautiful?”


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2 Responses to "A Tired And Courageous American Speaks Out"

  1. JIm   March 29, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    I don’t think it will be 10 years before this happens. I think it will be less than 2 years before we have the economy of Zimbabwe if everyone’s 401k looks as bad as mine does.

  2. Mickey   April 10, 2009 at 12:36 am

    Excellent article! I think it captures what so many people in our country feel like these days. There are so many things on the wrong track, and we have to find our voices and our courage to set them right. Many times in our history our people have been called upon to right the wrongs, and it is our generation’s turn to do the same.


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