Fiddling While Rome Burns, Obama Ignores America’s Real Problem

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Since the election, our stock markets have crumbled to 15 year lows. The Dow and NASDAQ fall almost every day. Great institutions like Bank Of America and General Electric collapse to new lows no one ever believed possible.

So, as our economy is being destroyed, what would the most logical and sane leader do? Would you think the person would focus on the state of the economy? Do you think the leader would try to unite the nation behind rebuilding before taking on controversial partisan issues that have no urgency?

Obama has chosen to focus in divisive and expensive policies that hurt America and has broken his promise to regulate our institutions to better serve us. Our 401K’s crumble in his wake. Our savings dissolve. Our banks succumb.

But at least we know now that stem cells from fetuses can be used to make us a leader in the research of how to use murdered unborn children to advance our science. We will lead the world in murder of unborn children while Obama can’t even address a simple problem like stopping illegal short sellers from trashing our markets.


cartoon by Gary Varvel

Transcript of Obama’s Remarks on Stem Cell Research

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One Response to "Fiddling While Rome Burns, Obama Ignores America’s Real Problem"

  1. Amelia   September 18, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I am very much PRO LIFE… I am a Christian and I wholly support stem cell research….


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