Jim Cramer Of CNBC Admits Criminal Activity On TV, Obama and SEC Do Nothing

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Would you turn to an admitted felon for financial advice? If you knew your neighbor was stealing money from pension funds, IRAs and 401Ks, would you ask them to invest your retirement savings? Do you find yourself wanting to call Madoff and the CEOs of the organizations that stole your money to ask them to review your plans for retirement?

Jim Cramer, who runs a show called Mad Money on CNBC, admitted in this video that he is among the banking and investment criminals that have robbed you blind for years. He not only admits he did it, but thinks it was fun doing so.

Cramer says that what he did was common and well known, yet the SEC did nothing to protect any of us from him or other criminals operating mafioso-like hedge funds. Now CNBC actually pays this criminal to run a show called “Mad Money” where he acts like a clown on a stage telling you what stocks you should buy with foolish sound effects and childish banter of how great he is.  Of course,  he will not publish his track record, which independent studies have shown to be abysmal.

Cramer runs an investment blog called realmoney.com with fictional characters like Reverend Shark, who lost about 20 years in age overnight when his photograph, presented on RealMoney.com, an offshoot rip-off news site, suddenly changed the picture to a young smiling blond man from an aging dark haired snake. Has anyone investigated this fraud? He gives investment and trading advice, but this was complete fiction!  Shark is an imaginary figment of Cramer’s mind.  He doesn’t exist.

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Jim Cramer told you to buy Bear Stearns numerous times, and then again in this video right before its complete collapse.

Then he followed by denying it and removing his buy recommendations from his web site thestreet.com like a twisted weasel. He lied numerous times, and he is being promoted by CNBC daily!!

Many more horrifically bad calls by Jim are presented on youtube.com. If you follow him other than to trade against his recommendations, you have likely lost a fortune.  Ironically, as Jim promotes buying and selling stocks on a whim, both on realmoney.com and on his show, he writes a hypocritical article called “Stop Trading” in which he guides you to losing long term investments.

Do you remember Dr. Jack Kevorkian? He aided the elderly and chronically ill in committing suicide. He got away with it for years, because the government looked the other way, but then he made an appearance on television on 60 minutes and televised the act. Despite evidence showing the many he aided to illegally commit suicide, he was essentially ignored by our legal authorities for years. He had to actually murder someone ON TELEVISION to get arrested. That is our legal system at work. The criminal has to walk up to them and commit the crime in their face and the faces of all of America to get prosecuted.

Obama is focused on stem cells while these charlatans rob you blind. Our SEC is completely asleep at the wheel while television throws bad investment advice made by criminals in your face.  CNBC is owned by GE!

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Jim is a mini-Madoff and should be imprisoned. He is more than a criminal;  he is a CNBC sponsored fraud that has now actually confessed to his crimes publicly.

Jim Cramer admitted to crimes against American investors. He apparently has been perpetrating his fraudulent activities for years. He admitted openly in the interview you watched above that he is peccant slime. What does our SEC do? Nothing. What does Obama do? Nothing. Where do your investment dollars go? Down the toilet. As Jim would say, Booyah!!


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9 Responses to "Jim Cramer Of CNBC Admits Criminal Activity On TV, Obama and SEC Do Nothing"

  1. jim r   March 13, 2009 at 7:24 am

    In spite of all the available advice, we are all responsible for our own destiny in the financial realm. Cramer’s advice is always included with his warning to make your own individual choice. Not doing so comes at an understandable risk. Blame yourself for making bad decisions,no one forced anyone to write out any checks.

  2. tryreading   March 13, 2009 at 7:35 am

    So, Jim, let me get this straight.

    You are saying Madoff, Cramer and other complete frauds that use billons of dollars to illegally manipulate our markets are totally cool in your book?

    You believe that insider trading, fraudulent activity by criminals, and media fraud are proper trademarks of investing in the American stock market?

    Great response dude. And dumb as a rock.

    Originally Posted By jim rIn spite of all the available advice, we are all responsible for our own destiny in the financial realm. Cramer’s advice is always included with his warning to make your own individual choice. Not doing so comes at an understandable risk. Blame yourself for making bad decisions,no one forced anyone to write out any checks.

  3. Kath K says:   March 13, 2009 at 8:56 am

    Cramer gives disclaimer to make your own choice … so why is he on TV promoting “his” choices … he’s still manipulating !

  4. max   March 13, 2009 at 9:01 am

    tryreading: I believe jim r is referring only to the advice that Cramer gives on his TV show and in his books or blogs. And I agree. Nothing Cramer does or says in those “advice” vehicles is criminal, because they all come with the caveat that they are just Cramer’s advice, and there are no guarantees. If you follow his advice and you lose your money, you got bad advice. Too bad for you.

    This is a separate issue from whether Cramer illegally manipulated the markets when he was a trader.

  5. tryreading   March 13, 2009 at 10:41 am

    So Max, you are saying that both you and Jim R are completely off topic or are you just pointing out that Jim R was off topic?

    I ask because the article is about the fraud Jim Cramer committed, the fact that he is allowed to promote stocks and lie to traders and investors is secondary.

    And it seems both also both of you believe that it is perfectly fine for fraudulent people to recommend and promote stocks through a fraudulent media? I suppose you think it is OK for Philip Morris to go on television saying Cigarettes are good for you if you smoke 3 packs a day from childhood?

    Wow, you guys are off in space.

    • jim r   March 13, 2009 at 11:26 am

      I,for one,am used to being lied to. Anyone who isn’t is destined to failure. No it’s not OK to lie cheat and steal,you are picking a useless fight and misconstruing my words.

  6. spencertracy   March 14, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Why mention Obama in the headline or in the article at all?? Cramer’s criminal admission happened in 2006!! Give our new president a break, will you? He’s been in office barely two months and he’s being charged with doing too much, and too little. Where were all you cry babies when all this criminal activity was happening? Well, they were busy listening to Cramer’s crap, being greedy. Now they are broke and blaming Obama for focusing on stem cells and not Cramer??. Start naming the real ones who should be held accountable – or do you need help doing that?

  7. Madeleine   March 14, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    Some of the issues you seem to portray as distractions from the real one are worth exploring further.

  8. Scott   May 12, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Why was Chaiman Obama mentioned? He slashed Chrysler advertising budget by 50% today. He sets prices, fires CEO’s, determines markets, so why should not The Chairman get involved with this? Is he not involved in many places he should not be?

    Jim Cramer is a fraud. If I went out and got my Series 6,63 and 7 and I said what he said, then Finra would close me down in a heartbeat. But not him?

    Doouble hypcritical standard. You want to fix medicare and social security? Make the Senators and Congressmen eat our dog food. Any Elected Federal worker who does not accept Social Security and Medicare as their only retirement vehicles are removed office immediatley. That will fix the problem overnight! period.


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