Congress Attempts To Pass The “Bonus Theft Tax”

Do you remember grade school? Those times the teacher punished everyone in the classroom for Johnny’s bad behavior? You remember, I am sure. Johnny gets caught cheating on a test, and the teacher says that everyone has to stay after school or do an essay or whatever because Johnny needs to learn their lesson. Or […]

A Tired And Courageous American Speaks Out

Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies of The Record This is one American that tells it exactly like it is. And liberal or not, this man speaks from a heart that deserves our respect because unlike Henrietta Homeless, he earned it. “I’m tired of being told how bad America is by leftwing millionaires like Michael Moore, George […]

Dick Cheney Slams Misguided Obama Economic Advisor

Cartoon by Eric Allie of the Pioneer Press and CNS News Since the campaign for the Presidency began, we have heard the Democrats decry that the recession was the fault of GOP economic policies of the Bush Administration. When that wasn’t sufficient, they made equally hollow references towards Reaganomics or “Trickle Down Economics”. None of […]

The Big Lie: Invest In America

cartoon by Nick Anderson There is a certain trust required for any investment to be made. You have to trust that the party on the other end of the investment is solid, believable and honest. If you place your savings in a bank at 2%, you expect to get your principle back plus the 2%. […]

What Did George Bush Do Wrong Contest… THE WINNER IS!!

We have selected a winner to our recent contest: What did George Bush do wrong? The winning answer was that of skwguitar for this answer: “He abandoned the time-honored conservative belief of small government, instead opting for a neo-conservative approach of large spending. Deregulation played its role, no doubt, but not before Bush allowed the […]