The Lie Of Urgency

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When someone tries to sell you on something you don’t really want, a sales tactic is often used that is common around the world.  The general idea is to make you feel as though you have to act “NOW” or you will lose the opportunity forever.

In our experience, every time we have fallen for this sales tactic, we have been wrong. There was the  purchase of a time share that burdens us with exorbitant fees years after our mistake.  There was that purchase of a new car we later wished we had left on the lot.  And most recently, many were sold on the need to vote for a President on the premise we needed change now.

Often, the impulse to buy things or solve problems immediately without proper analysis and evaluation is the result of our innate desire to satisfy an emotional need to relieve the pressure or provide satisfaction as quickly as possible.  It never is as urgent as it is made out to be, and the resulting decision is usually best left until later after we have had time to think and calmly analyze the situation.  Often,  waiting provides us with the information we really need to make the best and most informed decision.  In addition, we frequently discover that the person or persons telling us our immediate action was required was not acting in our best interest, but their own.

barack_stimulusSuch is the “stimulus” package being forced on us by Washington.  We read articles like this from the Washington Post and we shake our heads.  How can a bill that will spend a trillion dollars be so urgent that we should not fully consider its ramifications before passing it? The media and the liberals endorsing the bill make it sound as though we have been sitting on the bill for months, when in actuality, it has only been a couple of weeks.

The reason for the media’s urgency is to continue their unbridled passion for Obama and the liberals. If the bill is debated, altered and actually made into something useful, it hurts Obama and the Democrats that tried to force it down America’s throat, especially if it turns out to be much better than they first presented it.  The media does not want to see their beloved Obama in a bad light, and Obama has had enough bad news lately.  Similarly, Obama’s supporters in Congress don’t want that either and want us to pass the bill with all urgency.

The facts do not back them up.   The Congressional Budget Office says Obama’s bill is harmful.  As usual, the sense of urgency is being used to get us to buy into something without thinking.  The bill is not urgent at all. According to the Congressional Budget Office, only $26 billion, around three percent,  will be spent this year.  Another $110 billion won’t even be spent until next year, so where is the urgency?  There is none.  It is a lie.

It took America decades to arrive at this stage of the problem. It will not be fixed overnight no matter what bill you pass. It will not matter one iota whether it is passed this week or next. In the scheme of things, it won’t even matter if it passes this month. Government and the media are making the hard sell to get you to buy a bill of goods without your understanding. If it works, the Democrats will take credit. If it does not, they will blame Bush. They have nothing to lose. If we allow them to pass it without understanding it, we will all lose.

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8 Responses for “The Lie Of Urgency”

  1. Scott says:

    I agree completely. There is perhaps no better example then the health care bill. We need it “now” and passed it before half the members of Congress even read it.

    That might be change, but is it for the better?

  2. Scott says:

    There is actually a name for this sales tatic…it is called the impending event close. Well, mr prospect, you had better buy today because…..the price is going up monday, i cant ask my manager again, we have to act now or some horrible event will happen like the oceans rising 39 feet, all animal life buring up(og sorry that is the global warming butbags talking). You get the idea.

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  5. BADBOY says:

    So let me get this staight, because of the past so called bad actions on the GOP part, that makes it OK to saddle us with another bad spending bill. Whatever happened to change we can believe in?

  6. MotherTheresa says:

    So read the darn thing and then you will have understanding. It’s right on the internet for anyone to read and understand. You Republicans [I assume you are Republicans, because only Republicans would disagree with me] felt it was urgent when you spent 6 entire years steamrolling over the Democrats [even though your majority was much much smaller and only was in place a very short time historically] and what they wanted for the USA. Now you’re just being obstructionists [of course we have done everything to obstruct any of your legislation for decades and see that as perfectly normal], trying with all your might to make Obama a failure in the nation’s eyes [even though we realize his popularity rating is dropping like a rock even among Democrats], when it was your own corrupt actions [sorry, I like that word, but have no idea what I am speaking of] which bankrupted this country [like Barney Frank, Bill Clinton and Alan Greenspan passing deregulatory laws that undermined our nation in the name of affordable housing for those that could not afford it, whoops, those weren’t Republicans? I had no idea] and sent us into this depression [I have no idea what a depression is, but I like the word] (let’s call it what it REALLY IS). So take your medicine and shut up [because I prefer to hear only my side of the political argument, that is what a democracy is all about, and I am way too lazy to create my own web site]. You had your turn and you blew it. [We screwed up America before, and we won this election because of the war, so let us totally screw up America now].

  7. msSaylore says:

    None sense. Where are your facts? The economy is bad. 3.7 million jobs lost in 13 months and millions of foreclosures.

  8. Trailmixxx says:

    So, it’s ok to go into a war with no actual intelligence, as quickly as possible, but not alright to have the government spent tons (of our money/debt) to take at lest some action to help bailout the sinking ship to keep it aflot enough for more people to get in the rafts. Do nothing and the economic situation gets worse, and you just set up the GOB for a win later. Do something and it doesn’t fix anything, well, you tried with what you had. Remember, we have thrown over half a Trillion dollars at Iraq as it is (more going out ever second). We didnt need that at all. Just think of this as a different war, maybe conservatives could get behind that, with thier values of needless killing and huge spending sprees.

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