Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow

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After we have listened endlessly to Obama tell us all how he would help the middle class and the poor, and how the GOP was out of touch with real Americans, he spent $160 million dollars on his inauguration party. This was the most expensive inauguration celebration ever…by far. The Wall Street Journal reports that more than double the number of private jets flew to the inauguration, dumping massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

So how do you follow up such hypocrisy… with a dinner party at which Obama and other politicians that pretend to be heroes for the poor and middle class dined on Wagyu beef that costs from $60 to $100 a pound among other lavish fare like expensive caviar.  All this makes the cost for Sarah Palin’s supposed wardrobe expenditures during the Presidential campaign pale in comparison, and most of that went to charity. This extravagant waste went into the stomachs of Democratic heroes that want to feed the poor, apparently so long as they feed themselves first.

The Democratic party wants you all to think they are trying to protect you from those that would abuse the privilege of their position to pay for their luxurious lifestyles, and yet they used tax payer dollars to pay for this lavish meal. Well, we hope that Obama enjoyed the martinis, caviar and extravagant steaks. Because now he is eating crow



This is the latest twist on Democratic morality. After running a campaign promising to increase taxes on ONLY the wealthy, and claiming the GOP was the party that wanted to tax the middle class and poor, what is being revealed is that Obama nominees for various administrative positions would rather follow George Bush’s lead. They infer by their actions that they believe in tax credits for the rich after all. In fact, not only do they believe in tax credits for the rich, but they believe they have the right to take the tax credits in advance by violating tax laws and evading their tax obligations. We believe they are setting a wonderful example for America.

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We hard working citizens that always pay our taxes religiously and that are in fear of going the slightest bit afoul of the IRS get to observe Democratic leaders stealing money from the government they were elected to serve. What is rather entertaining about this is that despite all the claims by the Democrats that the GOP was out of touch, they have demonstrated they don’t even have the common sense to live by their own words. The lies roll off their tongues faster than they can swallow a bite of $100 a pound steak. They have presented themselves as snobs that spend money whenever it suits them, and then break the law when convenient to evade the very taxes they use to pay for all their lavish spending.

The Democratic criminal parade is streaming through the press that endorsed them as saviors of America, even the humiliated HuffingtonPost.com. Perhaps that is why the press is so enamored with the Democrats. Their hypocrisy makes them much more fun to write about. We don’t think it is taking long for people to regret having placed this party in power. Based on surveys done by AOL.COM, people aren’t even surprised that the Democrats are crooks! And based on those same interviews, it won’t be long until the tide turns back towards the GOP.

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2 Responses to "Obama Dined On Wagyu Beef Last Week; Today He Ate Crow"

  1. Ava Singerman   February 4, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    I have to assume this is an ‘opinion’ piece since there is apparently no attempt to present both sides. What hypocrisy! I can write anything and make it sound like fact if I don’t show both sides. Perhaps Obama DID screw up…..but all I know from this article is that someone wants to make him look bad. This is obviously not a professional reporter penning this diatribe.

  2. compnetentminds   February 4, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Ava, if you read the HuffingtonPost, you are a total hypocrite. They offer one and only one side. It just is the one you prefer, so you accept their lies.

    In this article, who specifically is the “other side”? The cow Obama ate? Or the many articles all over the web and referenced here that show you the nominees were stealing from you? Even Obama aplogized for their activities and his mistake in trusting them.

    What would you like to believe? This article was great and right on the money. You on the other hand come across as a blathering fool that wants only to read fairy tale stores about Democrats on white horses.


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