Making Rocket Science Out Of Stimulus: Valentine’s Day UPDATE

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Valentines Day Update:

This sad bill has now been modified and pushed through both the House and Senate in totally partisan fashion.  The only traitors to America on the Republican side were Senators we believe were financially coerced into agreeing with the bill and should be investigated and removed from office.

The bill, even in modified form, exceeds 1000 pages.  It was rushed through Congress giving nearly no Americans a chance to read it including our Congressmen. The referenced article is on its way to 2000 DIGGS!!  And all it does is speak the truth unlike’s many lies.

In general, the financial world is disgusted.  The package provides mostly back end loaded spending rather than immediate stimulus and is so complex even trained lawyers did not have enough time to review its ramifications.

Many middle class tax breaks that were falsely planted in the bill to gain support of the middle class were stripped in committee. This was a simple way for the Democrats to lie to the middle class and get them to stand idly by as government robbed them of 800 billion dollars.

The bill will likely pass on Monday, as Obama signs into Law something he likely never even read portraying a completely false sense of urgency. This lie of urgency was used to push through the bill before people could understand it.  For if they did, they would have realized it was not the solution.

Monday is not a day to cheer as Obama signs this into law.  It is a day to hang our heads and realize what we have created is big government getting bigger at a huge expense to America.  We do ponder our future and also wonder if, when the bill fails America, the Democrats will stand up and admit their folly, or will just continue to blame Ronald Reagan and George W. while running interference for such criminals as Barney Frank.


Today, Congress has released, in portable document format (pdf), both the House and Senate versions of the stimulus bill lovingly called the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”.  We believe it more appropriate to entitle it the “American Act Of Congressional Subterfuge” .

Both versions of this bill are absurd, and exceed 1500 pages each.  This is not a bill, it is a doctrine.  In contrast, our  Constitution is approximately 500 pages and defines the operation of our entire nation and government. The bill is longer than the novel “War And Peace”.

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The bill will only disburse 29 billion dollars this year.  We fail to understand why we need to give government control over a trillion dollars immediately to disburse 3% of that amount over the next year.  Why can’t a much simpler bill with direct stimulus of 29 billion be deployed, leaving us time to properly assess the disbursement of the remaining hundreds of billions?  That isn’t pork.  That is pure fat.

This bill is not a stimulus bill.  It is a bill for establishing control for the next five to eight years of all finances in American government.  There is so much mixed in over 1500 pages that Americans are left to trust their Congressmen which is exactly what the Democrats want.

We repeat the premise of this article.  Until Congress can present this stimulus package to the American people on one 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper, it should not pass.  Stimulus is not rocket science, and when bills get this complex, no American should endorse them, especially considering this disaster will cost a trillion dollars!

Americans can in no way understand this bill.  The media has begun asking their readers to peruse the bill because their paid staff doesn’t understand it.

This bill is an abomination and, if passed, will haunt America for decades.  The Congressional Budget Office is correct in warning us.  The effects of such a vast bill providing such one-sided control of our future will have dire consequences.

Obama and the Democrats are lying to us all.  They need less than 30 billion dollars to help our economy and are using it to leverage a trillion dollars.  It will be a sad day in America when it passes.

Original Article:

We have looked long and hard to find articles that could provide us a clear understanding of the stimulus package that is being battled over in Congress. What we have found is that it is nearly as difficult as acquiring the diagrams for the B3 Bomber (which is likely a flying saucer).

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What is going so dramatically wrong here is that the government, GOP and Democrats alike, have allowed something incredibly simple to get complicated beyond belief. Every pet project in the world is in this bill, and the bulk of it is not stimulus.

stimulus_meetingWe will keep our article simple. Why? Because we, unlike the politicians in Washington,  don’t have to run interference to confuse our constituents. We want America to read our article and understand it.  The politicians that want your trillion dollars want to confuse you all into endorsing one of the most ludicrous and expensive bills in history. Even in Obama’s speech, when he fought tooth and nail to promote the passage of the package, did he tell any of you where the money was going? Has anyone? Of course not, even most of them don’t know.

So, we will provide one example from the list of items cut, summarized in this article. $2.25 billion for Neighborhood Stabilization.  Do any of you even know what this is?  They were trying to spend over 2 billion dollars for something almost no American would have any clue about????  This is what it was about.

This is not stimulus!! This, quite simply, is government spending geared towards funding every pet project government has had for the last 20 years!

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are not arguing one way or the other about the validity of funding any of these projects. Many are honorable pursuits. There are educational programs, science programs and even spending for war veterans. However, there is one key issue to consider with respect to most of them. THEY AREN’T STIMULUS AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A STIMULUS PACKAGE!!

congressSo, why are the boys and girls in Washington doing such a good job of keeping us in the dark?  The government has used earmarks for decades to pass pieces of legislation (mostly involving spending on pet projects) to get bills passed. Perhaps the elected officials from the State Of New Hampshire (randomly selected folks) want more snow for Mount Washington, but they aren’t too keen on the stimulus plan. So to get them to go along, they place an earmark (bribe) in the bill that provides New Hampshire a million snow makers and the bill passes with New Hampshire’s endorsement.

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This so called  “Stimulus” package is no different. Everybody has their pet project in here. It is not a matter of whether the projects are good or bad, it is just a way of lying to America about the package and hiding what you are really spending the money on!

Our simple statement to the world. Stimulus is simple. Provide taxpayers and those invested in America money to bring the economy out of recession. Trust Americans to do it. Give them back their tax dollars and provide them relief in the key problem areas that are bringing the economy down.

debt_credit1. Tax credits (not deductions) for children and the American family. Make them retroactive to January 1, 2008 to help the newly unemployed. Don’t extend unemployment benefits for the chronically unemployed, just give real working Americans back their money directly.

2. Provide huge incentives for buying homes to support home prices and stop the death spiral.

3. Provide funds to lower the  cost of mortgages to everyone, not just the mythical first time home buyer.

4. Force all banks to stop ripping people off. Their loan rates, closing costs and fees are too high. Spend money to regulate them so they cannot, like Citibank, charge 6% for a mortgage when they are paying almost nothing for the money the federal government is giving them.

You can add one or two line items to these, but there just isn’t much more than that to provide true stimulus. That is it folks. It isn’t rocket science. If these clowns in Congress and the White House cannot explain the stimulus package in a single page to the American people, they shouldn’t pass the bill until they can.

Before you endorse this package and argue that either side is right, ask yourself one simple question. Do you know where your money is going? We sure don’t.

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8 Responses to "Making Rocket Science Out Of Stimulus: Valentine’s Day UPDATE"

  1. mikeNcali   February 8, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    I am writing to comment about “Making Rocket Science Out Of Stimulus” article. I followed the message conveyed until your strongly worded namecalling. IF THESE CLOWNS IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE CANNOT EXPLAIN THE STIMULUS PACKAGE IN A SINGLE PAGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, THEY SHOULDN’T PASS THE BILL UNTIL THEY CAN. Why would you call POTUS and CONGRESS {CLOWNS}? Do you have RESPECT for THE CONSTITUTION? Stop all the namecalling and get a STIMULUS BILL passed, people are losing jobs,pension plans, homes, savings, unemployment insurance, healthcare, and so on. Stop wasting time wondering where the tax money is going. Americans were shocked to hear about Wall Street. Congress passed Wall Street Bailout without blink, but second time around the {STIMULUS BILL} it’s a spending bill. Common sense tells American people with the intrastructure in decay, education costs, teacher’s salaries,and so on. The American people can’t get credit from banks, the money on hand people are not spending it, auto dealers arenot selling cars, and so on. So with tax cuts for low and middle class families, will help boost the stalled economy in motion. You don’t need rocket science because if RECESSION continue downward towards a DEPRESSION. Who will be talking ROCKET SCIENCE with The US Economy stopped. The Most Powerful Country In The World, fighting between Democrats and Republicans over THE STIMULUS BILL. USA will be the laughing stock of the world. COME ON USA, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abusedamerican   February 9, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Mike, you have been sold a bill of goods. I suggest you read this article.

    The Congressional Budget Office says the bill in its current form is harmful. Only 26 billion are needed this year.

    Why do we have to commit to giving the Democrats control of a trillion dollars to be spent over the next five years when all they need for all of 2009 is 26 billion? Because they want it? I don’t think so.

  3. Adam   February 10, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    This battle over the stimulus is unacceptable. I have to agree with the author of this article… to a point. I do not want a one page stimulus. I want them to have the funds on one page and a second page for the restrictions. For example, giving Wall street that 350 billion dollars was simple, then everyone freaked out when the people who through their money management skills have driven their companies and in many aspects this country into bankruptcy failed to use the funds wisely. I believe we need to stop being so naive. If a company or organization receives funds from our taxes, then they should have to obey spending regulations until either a pre-determined time, or until they have returned the funds which they were given. I do not want my tax money to go to Acorn. I want it to go to infrastructure projects, energy research, and management of the credit crisis. That is all that this initial bill should cover. It would cost us at most 100 billion dollars, then our esteemed representatives can spend the next year properly hashing out the best way to utilize the other 600-700 billion dollars, and it could come up for vote next year once it is built correctly. One more thing, our congress members were duly elected by the citizens of the states that they represent. Stop complaining about them, and either accept the fact you voted them into their position, or vote them out of it.

  4. Scott   February 13, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Great article. I was wondering if you could provide a hard link to the source for “The bill will only disburse 29 billion dollars this year.” I think that’s powerful, damning stuff and I know I’ll be challenged to provide proof (beyond this site saying so) if I try to educate my peers.

    If it was done with your own calculations when reading the porkulus bills, can you make another post with just that spending called out so I can point people to that?

    Thanks for the hard work.

  5. Query   February 13, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    Um, I am not sure what country you are from but the US Constitution is not 500 pages long. I assume you are not from the US?

  6. tryreading   February 14, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Originally Posted By QueryUm, I am not sure what country you are from but the US Constitution is not 500 pages long. I assume you are not from the US?

    Actually, the original Constitution and Amendments took up approximately 20 pages, but have been expanded to include hundreds of pages of explicit legal explanations and interpretations.

    At any rate, the site’s article still makes a great point, and it is strengthened even further if you believe the entire US Constitution is only 20 pages long, but it took Obama and the liberals 1500 pages of subterfuge to write this nonsense piece of legislation they call a stimulus package.

  7. Query   February 14, 2009 at 12:24 pm


    Agree wholeheartedly with the point the article is making. As you said, the point is only magnified when you consider the brevity of the US Constitution.

  8. Dabert   March 11, 2009 at 3:23 am

    I really liked the way they came off


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