It Is Stunning What Lies Internet Viewers Endorse

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In a prior article, we exposed a lie that was being used to get DIGGs. We have since scanned the DIGG community to see what other types of articles get DIGGs.

What we have found is that an article can be abysmal. It can have no redeeming qualities, fail to address current issues and be completely inaccurate, but if it bashes Bush, Palin or a Republican, the readers on DIGG will blindly endorse it.

HuffingtonPost has used this to increase their traffic by twisting articles by adding a catchy headline and splogging them on their site. The catchy headline is always a dig on what the less intelligent of the readers of the blog call rethuglicans.

bushcrap_diggToday, we stumbled on this article with an incredibly rich title. “Bush’s Chief Of Staff Is Full Of Crap”. We, quite honestly prefer a slightly more eloquent headline like “Obama’s Staff Is Full Of Wagyu Beef”, but that is just us.

The article, which is generally useless blathering got over  3000 DIGGs from a community of people that most likely didn’t read word one. The article that is referenced is another HuffingtonPost nonsense piece playing up a very minor statement by Bush’s chief of staff suggesting that Obama would better honor the office if he wore a suit. The article continues by saying that it is “Bush’s dress code”.

We find it amazing that this article even got traction. The simple minded people that gave a DIGG to the article didn’t even get that every president prior to Obama did wear a suit and tie to work? Did George W. force Bill Clinton to wear a suit and tie each day he was in office? Well, we don’t need facts folks. All we need are DIGGs.

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It is really sad to see the people on DIGG not actually reading the nonsense being spewed out by the Huff before DIGGing it. Just because it attacks a “rethuglican” doesn’t make it accurate or the truth. It just makes it pathetic.

Over 3000 DIGGs for another lie. Go Huff.

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One Response to "It Is Stunning What Lies Internet Viewers Endorse"

  1. Josh   February 11, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    What is even more peculiar is that you don’t even mention how the article on Huffington Post was also accompanied by a slide show of prior presidents in the Oval Office shown hard at work jacket-less. Even the photograph accompanying this article shows Bush not wearing a jacket, which is what the Huffington Post article was all about. Some republicans were griping about Obama not wearing a jacket in the oval office, so they ran an article showing that many prior presidents were also as casual as Obama… even Bush. This is the first and last time I am visiting this hypocritical waste of time you call THE LIE POLITIC.


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