America Greets Democratic Stimulus (Spending) Package With Disdain

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Today, the most abysmal bill in the history of America was passed by the Senate. The bill was intended to save us all from impending doom according to our President. The bill is a quagmire of legalese that ties up nearly a trillion dollars for Congressional pet projects. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it is back end loaded and gets more harmful as it progresses.  America is disgusted.  Apparently, a petition online against the stimulus is receiving strong response.

bobamaObama campaigned heavily to pass the bill. The primary premise of his argument was hollow, that if we didn’t do something, the economy would get much worse. If he had been sincere, he would have explained how his specific bill would address the problems and was the best solution. He could not. It was a sad campaign for our newly elected President the Democrats wanted to make a monarch.

In response to the bill, stock markets in the US didn’t just retreat, they whimpered in dismay. The DOW cratered nearly 5%. The NASDAQ responded nearly as poorly notching a fall of over 4%. This collapse on top of already horrific declines in the values of US Stocks in which Americans told that their investments in America would beat inflation have watched in horror as they were slashed 50-75%. The reasons for the dismal response to this confusing spending bill, falsely portrayed as our saving stimulus, are clear.

1. No one understands the 1500+ page (longer than War and Peace) bill.
2. Tying up a trillion dollars for the Democrats to spend on their pet projects for years to come was not the solution to this problem.
3. This bill should have been much smaller, faster moving and better targeted at its objective…stimulus. A bullet to the heart is much a more effective and immediate way of killing a target than clogging its arteries.
4. The likely surge in the national debt and the potential collapse of the dollar in response to such a bill are evident even to those that don’t understand the bill itself.
5. The market has completely lost confidence in Obama.

The saddest part is that Obama lied to us all. Our faith in him as a nation is broken. Had he taken the reigns and provided a truly nonpartisan package focused on immediate stimulus that Americans could embrace and understand, he could have helped both himself and America. Instead, he passed a partisan bill full of spending totally unrelated to stimulus and that will only inject 26-29 billion dollars this year (approximately 3%), at the time we need it most. This bill’s primary objective was to give the Democrats control over America’s purse strings for years. They needed 20 billion, and they leveraged it to get control over a trillion.

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Ellen Rather, however, thinks we are in a fairy tale world, where trillions of dollars can be picked from the trees without justification or common sense.  She believes that the Congressional Budget Office that warned about the package are just naysayers and will come around in the warmth of a summer breeze.  She believes that the bill is transparent, but also apparently can see through red ink as most people see through a pane of clear glass.

It should be noted that the bill would not have passed in its current form had America not been betrayed by three Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.  The Democrats courted them to draw their votes into the Democratic fold of debt and spending, and we are hoping that an investigation will follow to determine exactly what made them break ranks. It certainly was not in the best interest of the American people or their constituents. They were dishonorable in their actions and their vote was a disservice to America.

They, in turn, have already been betrayed by the Democrats.  House Representatives say they will play hardball to remove even the slightest hint of Republican compromise.  This will clearly work towards a completely divided Congress going forward, and a strongly divided and bitter constituency as well.

Obama warned of turning a crisis into a catastrophe, and then he and Congress did exactly that.

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9 Responses to "America Greets Democratic Stimulus (Spending) Package With Disdain"

  1. Joyce Becker   February 10, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    The Democrats are the only game in town, hope the Republicans get it or there will no longer be a Grand Old Party, just a old party.

  2. Kurt Moosdorf   February 11, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Obama is doing exactly what he promised. The American people voted for him based on these policies and they rejected 8 years of ideologically-driven economic crapola. The stimulus may not get us out of the mess created by Republicans but it’s a lot better than whining about deficits while at the same time support a trillion dollar war. If we’re going to built roads, schools and hospital I’d rather see it happen in the US than Iraq. And that’s really the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans want spending in the middle east and a depression here at home. You know if the Republican whiners don’t like this bill they don’t have to accept any of the stimulus including the tax cuts.

  3. tryreading   February 12, 2009 at 9:43 am

    So, Kurt, let me see if I get your argument.

    1. You believe Obama is doing everything he promised. Could you point out the part in the campaign where he said he would put America a trillion dollars deeper in debt?

    2. You believe the Republicans, not Iraq started the war. Did you miss the part where they invaded Kuwait? Or maybe the part where they threatened Saudi Arabia? Or when they gassed thousands of their own people with Mustard Gas on Hussein’s order. I suppose Democrats would have negotiated those points.

    3. You believe that because the war was wrong in your mind, tying up a trillion dollars for years to come is justified even though it will only provide 20-30 billion stimulus for all of this year?

    4. You have no understanding of the bill at all because you think it is all for building bridges and schools. You kind of missed the attempt by Democrats to filter billions to ACORN right?

    5. You think the Republicans did not want the stimulus. You must have missed all the alternate suggestions made for stimulus by the Republicans, including a much smaller and targeted package this year and time to address the other trillion bucks over future years rather than flittering it away on every Democratic pet project for the next 8 years..

    6. Everyone with an opinion other than yours is a whiner, and their opinion and vote mean nothing. We will see how far that gets you if Obama’s approval rating keeps dropping like the global temperature in the face of Al Gore’s campaign to prevent global warming.

  4. Johnn Rail   February 15, 2009 at 10:50 am

    The bill is seriously flawed, but not for the reasons you cite. The good news: It does contain lots of needed projects that will stimulate the economy AND provide infrastructures (better schools, roads, solar power, ets.) that will benefit us for years to come. It’s a worthy investment. Bad news: HALF of the money will be given to the rich in the form of tax cuts, further accelerating the concentrations of wealth at the top, the problem that caused the current depression.

  5. Johnn Rail   February 15, 2009 at 11:03 am


    Tryreading, you might try reading—something other than GOP party handouts. There is no mention of ACORN in the bill. Or did you miss that little fact? Are you saying the Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 because his daddy invited Iraq to invade Kuwait in 1991? His daddy had already slapped Iraq for accepting the invitation on that one. Are you saying that Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 because Iraq used mustard gas in the 1980’s with the apparent approval of Donald Rumsfeld, acting as an ambassador of the Reagan administration? The Reagan administration gave Saddam assistance and Donald went to shake the dictator’s hand. Or did you miss that one? The stimulus bill is seriously flawed, but not for the reasons you cite. It does contain lots of needed projects that will stimulate the economy AND provide infrastructures (better schools, roads, solar power, ets.) that will benefit us for years to come. It’s a worthy investment. But HALF of the money will be given to the rich in the form of tax cuts, further accelerating the concentrations of wealth at the top, the problem that caused the current depression. The Republicans and conservative Democrats stuck those nasty provisions into the package just to sour the process and make their friends rich.

  6. Shebeezies   February 19, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    All of America, huh? Oh wait. The link goes to Fox News.

    Listen up, GOP. You’re on the wrong side of this. You spent like crazy for 8 years, never batting an eye while sending a trillion or more to Iraq before it’s all said and done. Yet now you have the nerve to tell hurting Americans we just aren’t worth a deficit. You’re willing to allow the economy to completely tank for political posturing.

    Here’s the deal. Every single Republican who voiced opposition BETTER turn down any funds from the stimulus or risk a back lash like you’ve never seen.

  7. tryreading   February 19, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Originally Posted By Johnn Rail@tryreading

    Tryreading, you might try reading—something other than GOP party handouts. There is no mention of ACORN in the bill.

    Hi Johnn Rail,

    Another illiberate (illiterate liberal) I see. Well, let me see if I understand your argument.

    1. You think there is no reference to ACORN in the bill, but you missed the link that shows the way the Democrats tried to filter 4 billion dollars to the organization? I will give you a break there, maybe you don’t know how to use a link. You take the little cursor on your screen, place it over the link, and click your mouse. It is magic. If it weren’t for the GOP, that provision would not have been removed.

    2. You want to believe that Bush caused Iraq to invade Kuwait, murder their own people and threaten Saudi Arabia? You also believe that the bulk of America bought into it all based on George W’s Dad. OK, now we all want to have some of what you are smoking. I understand, you were playing video games during 9/11 and forgot that Iraq was stonewalling the world about simple inspections to prove they didn’t have nuclear or biological weapons. You also may not have noticed the mass genocide that occurred when America did not follow through and remove Hussein after he was forced to back off after his attack on Kuwait.

    3. Iraq was aided by prior administrations as a lesser evil than Iran. You did get something right, although it has nothing at all to do with the article.

    4. Almost none of the money in this stimulus package even made it to the middle class, let alone the rich. It was a cash cow for future spending projects for the Democrats. It will inject about 30 billion this year into the economy, but most of that isn’t even stimulus, just government spending, and for that the Democrats leveraged 800 billion dollars. You really are demonstrating you know nothing at all about the package. Which is no surprise, considering news articles released showed that not a single Democratic Congressman bothered to actually read it before it was passed. So we should not expect more from an illiberate.

  8. Scott Hamilton   February 24, 2009 at 1:00 am

    @Kurt Moosdorf

    The so called 8 years of crapola started in 1979, Jimmy Carter’s City Reinvestment of 1979-The start of Acorn. Bill Clinton in 1989 repealed the Glas-Steagal act. This is what allowed banks to become brokerage houses, brokerage houses to be banks, and real estate companies to be in banking, and changed the mark to market accounting system that allowed of this financial collaspe. The Dems thought it was Ok for every American to own a home, whether they could afford it or not.

    Get your facts Jack before spouting off. I predict Obama will be impeached before the end of his first 4 year term. Obama is a Marxist, you blind headed Liberal nut case!


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