Liberal Media Shies Away From Henrietta Homeless

The liberal media has gone silent about Henrietta Hughes, the woman that begged for aid from Obama during his campaign to promote the spendulus bill. We find this quite amusing considering the way they attacked Joe The Plumber during the Presidential campaign. Joe adorned their front pages daily for weeks as they accused him of […]

Obama’s Homeless Woman Is Actually Real Estate Investor

Obama’s Homeless Woman Is Actually Real Estate Investor

Update Available Here. We all know them. People that abuse the system. People that work a few months of the year, just long enough to qualify for unemployment, and then jump on the unemployment bandwagon. Those that get food stamps to support their families despite being able bodied, often educated and capable of work. And, […]

Obama’s Valentine’s Day Massacre

Congress has passed, through both partisan bodies, a bill we will pay for for decades to come.  They have stripped much of what would have benefited the middle class and essentially created a bill no one understands or wants except extreme liberals.  Even most of the Democrats in Congress that voted for the bill have […]

It Is Stunning What Lies Internet Viewers Endorse

In a prior article, we exposed a lie that was being used to get DIGGs. We have since scanned the DIGG community to see what other types of articles get DIGGs. What we have found is that an article can be abysmal. It can have no redeeming qualities, fail to address current issues and be […]

How To Get Ejected From Congress

Update: We are seeing our markets collapse today as they have consistently since the spendulus bill was passed.  This collapse is the result of a series of lies and betrayals by government officials and CEOs.  The lies are palpable.  Just days before the last bailout of Citibank, the CEO told us how the bank was […]

Flying In America, Fees Are The Airlines’ Biggest Lie

In times of crisis, American industry and government impose “temporary” fees and taxes to supposedly help them weather the storm. When the crisis passes, those fees seem to stick around. Why? Because those that instituted the fees and/or taxes intended them to be permanent from the beginning. They had no intention at all of making […]

The Lie Of Urgency

When someone tries to sell you on something you don’t really want, a sales tactic is often used that is common around the world.  The general idea is to make you feel as though you have to act “NOW” or you will lose the opportunity forever. In our experience, every time we have fallen for […]