The Israeli Hamas Lie

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What is Hamas to Israel? Initially, little more than a bug. However, Hamas has grown, with the support of terrorist nations like Iran that have clearly stated they want to wipe Israel off the map. Hamas has continually used civilians as a shield in their battle against Israel, attacking and then ducking behind women and children when Israel attempts to counterattack. Of course, the Muslim world then sees Israel as evil for defending her borders when innocents die.

If a nation of the world openly stated they wanted to wipe America off the map, how would Americans feel? Would they embrace them? Does anyone recall how it felt in America after 9/11?

If Mexico was not an ally, but an enemy of the US, and if their leaders clearly spoke of wiping America off the map, would the US negotiate with them without precondition? If they were supporting terrorist organizations to purchase weapons and fire missiles at American border towns with impunity, would we stand idly by?

To make a closer analogy to Israel‘s dilemma, imagine every country in North America and South America wanted the United States destroyed. Canada, Mexico, all of South America wanted our nation wiped off the map. Then shrink the US down to the size of Connecticut.  Imagine Mexico is leading the way and is being funded by Canada to bomb and kill US citizens. Then, as the US defends herself, these nations declare you the terrorist and the media endorses that claim.

What could a small nation do? Negotiate? Their opposition wants them wiped off the map, so what negotiations are possible? Would killing all their citizens be acceptable?

In Israel’s case, these terrorists are using the media to lie to the world and make Israel look the villain. They are playing on our guilt. How? By stressing the civilian casualties that occur as Hamas is attacked by Israel rather than the provocation and crimes of Hamas.

Media Being Played For Fools

We are not saying that the death of civilians is an acceptable end or that it is desirable in any way, but that it is not Israel that is killing the civilians. It is Hamas. Hamas’ members are cowardly individuals that use civilians as shields. The media plays up the casualties and shows horrific Israeli attacks and Muslims screaming for Israeli blood, but Hamas is playing our media for fools.

An analogy could be made on a much smaller scale. If some terrorist were to decide to wipe McDonald’s off the map and walked into a McDonalds and started killing people at random, how would we respond? When the police arrive, the terrorist grabs a small group of children and places them around him so the task force cannot kill him, and he continues to fire away at people in the restaurant, killing them one by one. Does the task force take the chance of hurting the children to stop the maniac? Or do they allow him to continue killing everyone in the restaurant and walk away with the children in arms?

Hamas is no different, using their own innocent women and children as shields. They attack and murder innocents and then duck behind their brethren for cover, and when their people get killed in Israeli defensive attacks, the entire Arab world condemns Israel and calls Israel the terrorist, but there is a huge difference between instigating violence to wipe a nation off the map and attacking those that are violating your borders and bombing your citizens.

Our media steps in to distort the problem. They play up the civilian casualties and magnify the hatred. Do they offer any viable alternative to Israel? Of course not; they have none. Do the terrorists offer any practical solution to Israel? Of course not. The only acceptable solution in their eyes is the death of Israel.

Examination of any world map demonstrates Israel’s plight. Israel is puny relative to the Muslim world surrounding her borders and every Arab and Persian nation is her enemy; even those that claim to support peace now. Those same nations have been our enemies, and it was Arab Muslims that bombed America on 9/11. It is easy to confuse one’s friends and enemies, but make no mistake, Hamas is America’s enemy and would gladly be killing Americans if there were not thousands of miles of ocean between us.

hamasHamas is killing their brethren, Palestinian children and women, just as sure as if they pointed the gun at them and pulled the trigger themselves. Iran is funding their actions. As Americans and Israeli’s die, the Muslim world cheers. If a Muslim dies at anyone’s hand other than another Muslim, it is an atrocity. If a Muslim kills him or herself in the act of murdering Israeli’s or Americans (the infidels) he or she becomes a martyr.

The oil nations take in billions of dollars, and their wealth soared as they held us hostage to our dependence on fossil fuels. In that time, has one oil nation offered help to the Palestinians other than through the provision of weapons and the support of terrorism? Israel has offered more to the Palestinians than any other nation. The Muslims are not interested in helping the Palestinians, they are interested in the demonification and destruction of Israel.  The Palestinians and Hamas are merely tools for their plans of destruction.

The world does not hate America as the media would have you believe. Extremist Muslims hate America as an extension of their hate for Israel. We are the infidels and it is their unjustified hatred of the West and persistent use of terrorism that must be wiped off the map.

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