Obama Building… Lying to America to Create An Imaginary Hero

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Yesterday, news broke that Citibank, despite its turmoil and despite having accepted billions in federal aid to stay afloat, was purchasing a 50 million dollar jetliner. Citi added insult to injury when it was discovered that the jet they were in the process of purchasing was foreign made! In response, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan lashed out, insisting that Citi not carry through with its purchase of the jet.

Pressures on Citi were massive to halt the purchase since the news first leaked. But Huffingtonpost.com took the opportunity to heroize Obama, because Obama was implied to have apparently made a call to Citibank adding to the pressure to stop the purchase. The quote attributed to Obama, “Fix it”.

The fact is, Obama called no one. People throughout Washington expressed disgust and contacted Citibank, and the bank did back down on the purchase, but Huffington credits the act to Obama, in turn discrediting themselves as a viable news outlet once again. Some Obama officials (whatever that qualification means) apparently also contacted Citi, but the headline attributed Obama with contacting Citi directly and telling them to “Fix It”.

Obama is credited with a quote he never made. Obama is credited with a phone call he never made. And Obama is credited as almost single-handedly stopping Citi’s purchase,  but if one actually reads into the incident, even in the article itself one realizes it wasn’t Obama at all.  In fact, it was pressure from Washington as a whole, and the Senator that led the fight is NOT on Obama’s staff. Carl Levin is a top Democratic Senator, but he is NOT part of Obama’s Administration. Nor is he an extension of Obama’s personna.

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citi_planeOther missing facts from the Huffington Puffington Post’s article? Citibank is in the process of selling two older jets that would net more cash than the new jet costs, so no tax dollars would be spent. The jet was under a purchase agreement for two years, long before any problems were evident at Citibank and there would be costs for canceling the order. The plane was made in France, a close ally of America. And finally, helping Europe’s economy helps America’s, and halting purchases from France hurts their economy.

Obama the Huffington Puffington Hero.

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2 Responses to "Obama Building… Lying to America to Create An Imaginary Hero"

  1. TattereD_1   February 1, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    “The fact is, Obama called no one.” Could you link the source of this? Just so it doesn’t just sound like a rumor.

  2. NonBeliever   February 4, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I agree with Tattered_1–Where is the source? And who wrote this? I don’t see a name anywhere on this page. Where is the about page or links to bios about the authors? Am I supposed to take this seriously?


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