Oil Nations Face Economic Destruction

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Alternative energy is now a central buzz-phrase of US politics, but it has become much more.  It is now a focal point of the US, and is becoming a reality world wide.

As it turns out, the reason we depend on oil and carbon fuels is similar to the reason we depended upon killing whales in the 19th and early 20th century.  We didn’t have an alternative and it was not cost effective to seek one out.  Fossil fuels made whale oil obsolete.  It is about to happen to fossil fuels.

The problem the OPEC nations (and others depending upon oil to support their economies) have is that they pushed their luck.  They forced oil into the equivalent of a tulip craze, and have no doubt, it was they that caused the massive artificial surge in oil prices.  It backfired, because the push was so hard, alternatives began to pop out of the woodwork.  First, it was extensive use of coal, extracting oil from the tar sands in Canada and the use of other fossil fuels, but it also led to research and advances in alternative fuels that will lead us into the future no longer needing oil.  There will be a steady decline in the need for fossil fuels over the years to come, and, as demand wanes, the price of oil will collapse even further.  Fossil fuels will eventually become useless, at least in developed nations.

Think rationally, what else do the nations of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and other Arab and Persian nations have to offer the world? If oil becomes obsolete over the next 20 years, with steadily declining demand, the economies of the nations depending upon it will collapse.  They offer nothing else.

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Here is one of the latest discoveries, among many others, including safe nuclear power that can power your home for $200 a year and that could be in place in US communities in as little as five years.  Think about how much you would save!  And realize these alternatives do not contribute one ounce of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The American economy is not in the toilet.  We are in a transition.  The world economy is about to change in ways we never thought possible and much of it will center about how we generate and utilize the energy we all need.

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  1. Tom Buckner   December 7, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Well, many oil countries have a lot of unobstructed sunshine too. That means they could build solar power farms. Bette get cracking, though.


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