Why Obama Is What America Needs! The Melting Pot!

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This article appeared in the HuffingtonPost.

Huffington is an enigma. It is a sign of our times. Its success speaks to the response of America by the left side of politics that has been silent too long. Many of the left are computer geeks like us, and you have to understand, they are also some of the most brilliant people in America.

So, what does this article from Huffington speak to? It speaks to the “melting pot”.

This is exactly why we NEED Obama. We need to prove, once and for all, we in America are not some racist, hating nation, but that we are the “melting pot”, a combination of many cultures all with hope for a better future and that all respect each other equally, even though the media does not convey it this way.

We have black friends, Asian friends, Muslim friends. We have friends from Libya. We have friends from Israel. They are all people. They would all prefer, like we do, to live peacefully and enjoy the fruits of their efforts/labor. America represents the world, not the isolated interests of the extremists.

Obama is the greatest idea for President we have had. A brilliant black man that conveys a sense of equality and hope for America.

We think Obama portrays a more important image. The color of our skin does not matter. What is America? It is the “melting pot”. It is what is in our brains and hearts, not our race, sex or political ideals. We are free, we must embrace it.

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One Response to "Why Obama Is What America Needs! The Melting Pot!"

  1. Millie   December 22, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Well, now let me see, I guess Obama knows more than God, no, He lifts himself above God! When God saw all man come together in unity under one man at Babel, God cause separation of man. God did not want that for man, nor for man to have that kind of authority over man. When all of us are “together” under one man or system, where ya gonna run for help? God never taught He was the Father of all as a matter of fact He said your father is not my Father, your father is the devil. The melting pot is a brain washing failure! Fort Hood incident unveils the lie of the melting pot. Diversity advocates assure us that we are a “melting pot” where people would through education, and political means become one. It is a big lie and what we are seeing happening is the truth. We are a nation already established on a system that is being torn down by Obama. This will be the death to America if allowed. This is what Obama wants.


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