The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President

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We have summarized here the top ten reasons we feel could make Obama a stellar President for America.

We are impressed by America’s solidarity in this election event. America was brilliant and convicted as they made their selection. There were no issues with falling chads or other nonsense that could have clouded the result. America made its voice heard loud and clear to the entire world. Those that voted for Obama should commend themselves for having the insight and hope America needs.

It is our intention to follow each reason we list here with an article that sums up our explanation. If you feel you have more positive reasons you would like to add to our list, please submit them in your comments. We would be happy to incorporate them if they aren’t something redundant or negative.

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The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be Positive For America

  1. As a Black man with foreign exposure to Kenya and being brought up in a Muslim environment during early childhood, Obama portrays a more diverse culture of the US. Indeed, the rest of the world may finally understand the “melting pot”.
  2. From a diplomacy standpoint, Obama may better relate to Muslim and non-European nations and reduce radical terrorism because their leaders can better identify with him.
  3. Obama’s apparent commitment to encourage job creation in America could force businesses to realize the benefit of doing business in America and discourage outsourcing of jobs to foreign nations.
  4. If he can institute his policy on Afghanistan, increasing troops in Afghanistan and pressuring Pakistan may help better target Al Qaeda leaders.
  5. If monies can be so channeled, there could be more educational opportunities for those that deserve them (so long as it is not race biased to help “minorities” more than the general population).
  6. Young people and minorities may feel more enfranchised and empowered.
  7. Obama’s policy on withdrawal from Iraq may force Iraq to focus more on their issues, including possibly assuming more of the burden and expense for their emancipation.
  8. A unified Congress could result in an administration that can move more quickly.
  9. Joe Biden has vastly more experience so he can assist an inexperienced Obama providing him “on the job training”.
  10. America has an enthusiasm for the new, the different, and the concept of change. It dissipates quickly, but if Obama can capitalize on it and keep some of his infinite list of campaign promises, it could forge a strong unity among Americans.

Ready for Part 2 of this post? Read it here.

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    Put down to kool-aid…

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  5. Aman   February 14, 2011 at 8:10 am

    Obama should US army out of Iraq and Afganistan.


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