President Elect Barack Obama: The Internet Genius Integrates YouTube! Watch Here!

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Obama has brought us all something so new that seems to make so much sense and is of such brilliance that it kicked us in the proverbial pants.

Over the course of this election, Obama has captured the minds and hearts of so many Americans. We have witnessed people that would seemingly defend him to the death, and that are angered by even the slightest notion that Obama could be wrong on any issue.

We have come to see how brilliant this man is, and while his campaign was magnificently run, that campaign could never have been as successful as it was if he was not the center of that effort.

This is the greatest new idea by any politician in modern times. Obama has begun what is intended to be a weekly YouTube event! This is the first consistent use of YouTube or the internet to continually communicate with Americans about a politician’s plans, policies and progress, and it is by the President Elect. It is so incredibly powerful, because it can be watched at your leisure and on a medium the entire internet has come to adore. It also brought him into our home in a way no other medium can.

Our congratulations go out to our new President, but most of all, we want to somehow convey that this was an idea that demonstrates his great insight into the world politic and how it can be combined it with the world internet.

Here is Obama’s first address. We hope to follow weekly commenting on their content. We applaud this effort by the President Elect and hope it will serve America in the way we think it will. It is clear that he is the first to truly recognize the power of the internet and that the love of such sites as,, and, among others, could be used to unite a nation and convey American ideals to the world.

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