Geeks Love Apples And George Bush, CAN U DIGG IT?

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Are there ways to get more DIGGs? Indeed there are. It has been noticed that something as simple as the title can make all the difference. Key words like “Apple” and “Geek” are often found in titles for articles with numerous DIGGs. Even hating the right person can get you in. Articles that attack George Bush are quite popular, even though they likely never get read. However, that isn’t enough, and the real truth on how to get more DIGGs is rather interesting.

We have often wondered about DIGG.COM stunning success. DIGG started as a web site for bloggers to help find other bloggers. It has grown into an internet phenomenon ranked in the top 300 web sites in the world by Alexa.

We would expect it to be the case, given these circumstances, that as a site such as DIGG advances in popularity, the difficulty of getting DIGGs would be impacted. We would also expect, over time, the model for getting DIGGs would change quite dramatically, and indeed it has. Our part 2 will tell you more! If you would like us to reveal our research on DIGG, pleaes, please DIGG this article and let us know.

And thanks for reading, we appreciate it!

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One Response to "Geeks Love Apples And George Bush, CAN U DIGG IT?"

  1. theliepolitic   December 2, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    There were not enough DIGGs on this article to pursue revealing our research.

    We know DIGG buried it, so they will likely bury the sequel.

    So, if you want the Sequel, this article has to get to 100 DIGGs to let us know you want it. With DIGG burying our secrets, it depends on our readers that find the article independent of DIGG.



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