Obama’s New Catch And Release Program

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Obama’s latest brain child? Don’t just close Guantánamo, but bring the terrorists home for dinner in America.

In his most recent statement in favor of the outright destruction of the US, Obama wants to bring the Guantánamo prisoners here to America for trial.

We figure he can set up several liberal programs for them.

  • First, a witness protection program for those that rat or lie about others in the prison. Those involved in the program will be provided new bomb kits and allowed to find a new place within US borders to commit their next terrorist act.
  • Second, a catch and release program, where we spend millions of American tax dollars on US lawyers to get the majority of these men released to kill again.
  • Third, a sense of brotherhood program for Americans to learn bomb making along side Terrorist Islam.
  • Fourth, a newly entertaining televised circus of terrorism on the Judge Judy show.
  • Five, enact new legislation to give the released men an opportunity to run for President of the US.
  • Six, those that do get imprisoned at the expense of millions and millions of American tax dollars, make sure they get top notch rooms in low security prisons to help them all join their brethren.

Praise Allah.

Anyone else have any catchy ideas?

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One Response to "Obama’s New Catch And Release Program"

  1. Scott   February 23, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    I know, maybe we can quietly discuss with them why they hate us so much, thereby helping us understand them better.

    We can also make sure we provide housing, food, jobs and retirement plans, like the govt thrift plan for them.

    We can also setup an fund scholarships for their kids and grandkids, provide citizenship status and assis all of their families to emmigrate here.

    oh, and lets not forget, since we are a caring country, we can also help them patriate their friends and extended families to a sort Muslim enclave right in Washington DC, that will be governed by Sharia Law, just for them.


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