Men Are So Much Smarter Than Sarah Palin

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Some readers of our site have stated that attacks on Sarah Palin are not sexist; they claim the attacks on Sarah are justified because she is stupid.  Of course, they are blind as to how sexist they themselves are.  And we are absolutely certain most of these readers that attack Sarah are racist bigots as well.

The HuffingtonPost, among other liberal outlets like CNN, play off of every word and every move of Sarah to attempt to find any flaw and televise or broadcast it.  They will present their clips out of context in any way they can to make her look foolish.  And the masses chime in, agreeing with what they think they see.

It is sexist, it is shameful, and it is wrong.  So, we took this opportunity to give Sarah Palin equal time with some of the major political screw-ups from the Presidential campaign.

Now, when Huffington, CNN and other news outlets start playing Obama and Biden for stupid, we won’t consider them sexist and negatively biased news outlets that are essentially propaganda machines.

We are waiting for CNN, Huffington, and other liberal outlets to get off their sexist and self-serving podium…and while we are, we thought you all might enjoy these youtube videos and quotes capturing these political blunders you will never see on HuffingtonPost getting thousands of DIGGs mostly by sexist Americans.

Obama thinks there are 60 states, and he has been to 57.

Sexist brush off by Obama

Racist Slur Against “Typical White People” by Obama

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Obama, the awesome speech writer

Obama, campaign speeches musters mistake after mistake

Obama says his father served in World War II

Tune in soon for the Part II, The Biden Blunders.

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3 Responses to "Men Are So Much Smarter Than Sarah Palin"

  1. sarahpalinishot   November 25, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Sara is a putz!

    We are all fascinated with her because we all secretly want to see her nekkid.

    We wouldn’t care if she weren’t hot!

  2. OfCourseMenAreSmarter   November 28, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Guys, this is a stretch. There isn’t a woman in politics that compares to the men. Or in just about any other field.

    They are all dunces like Sarah!

  3. frighteningprospect   November 28, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    I can’t believe that the HuffingtonPost is as completely moronic as they are. Are all the people there so brainwashed that they really think there is only one opinion? Arianna makes Sarah look like a Nobel Laureate.


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