They Say McCain’s Life Expectency Is Short, But What About Obama’s? Joe Biden For President?

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In discussing the election with people we know lately, including liberals, the discussion has occasionally turned ugly. A troubling topic has come up many times, so we realized that this was more than just a passing thought. Many people honestly believe Obama will be assassinated if he wins the Presidency. Our first reaction was, “Yeah, right”. This is the 21st century not the 1960s. The color of your skin doesn’t matter anymore.

But as we dwell on the thought a bit, we got frightened by the implications. Then, we decided to see if there were any details about such opinions on the Web.

The first article we stumbled on was this blog on which a young black woman states that there is fear in the black community that Barrack could be murdered. Her statements bring home that there is a fear in the black community for Obama’s life.

Now, we do not believe the color of Obama’s skin would be the sole reason for such an attack, but after our research, we do believe assassination attempts could be possible. Associations between Obama and terrorists are easy to make. His name sounds eerily familiar to Osama’s. And his middle name is Hussein. His overall name sounds more like the name of a man identified in the 9/11 attacks than a man running for President of the United States. We realize that this is just coincidence, but we would not put it past some to make the associations.

We searched further to see if we could find any other articles that were threatening or implied harm to Obama. We found this article on Ted Nugent. Now, admittedly, Ted is over the top and probably a card or two shy of a full deck, but this hatred demonstrates that the liberal camp can spark a bit of rage. This article was from January, and we figure Ted has had a chance to cool down since then, but recent talk of William Ayers, CAC and Acorn may get his dander up again, as it may many of the far right.

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On we went with our research, stumbling on the following article, which is much more serious. Apparently, in August, Denver police arrested four men that purportedly planned to murder Obama. These men wanted to shoot Obama from a distance at a high vantage point, bringing back memories of the Kennedy assassination.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain informed America of recent connections between Obama and the known terrorist, William Ayers. It sparked outrage by some that asserted that Obama too was a terrorist. At some Republican rallies, some were calling for Obama’s demise. We find that despicable, even if it was not intended to imply a literal attack.

This off color attempt at comedy by Mike Huckaby pokes humor at the thought. Upon viewing it, we were staggered that any politician could speak so lightly and, in humor, of a man being shot at, let alone a candidate for President.

Then, we found this article. This was from a man that was attacked by the Weather Underground, William Ayers group. If anyone has any doubt about Ayers links to terrorism, this clearly spells it out. The group’s intent was to terrorize and murder others. Some may feel that if Obama is associated with such a group, he is fair game in the fight on terror.

We hope that if Obama is elected President, he lives long and is a great representative of the diversity of the United States. We have our clear disagreements with his policies, but we would always support our President and hope he portrays a beacon of freedom and hope to the rest of the world. Still, we are concerned that Obama’s association with terrorists, no matter how indirect, may strike fear into some and hatred into others. Joe Biden had best be ready.

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3 Responses to "They Say McCain’s Life Expectency Is Short, But What About Obama’s? Joe Biden For President?"

  1. Paul - Political Conservatives   November 21, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I certainly do not want to see Obama assassinated. Among other things, it would make him out to be a martyr. In addition, who wants to think that the American president is vulnerable in this day and age? It would almost have to be an inside job.

    I hope he lives out his full four year term as president, and we will see the results of his policies, both social and economic.

    Then the next conservative revolution can take place, and the people can take back their government.

  2. Laura-Political Conservatives   November 21, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    I don’t doubt there are people who want to see Obama assassinated. I sincerely hope he isn’t because that would only make him more of a legend in people’s minds. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t agree with his extreme left views but I do respect the office he holds and I wish him great success. Our country needs a strong leader in these troubled times.


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