Citibank, The Bank That Didn’t Need Saving

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How To Save Citibank, Which Shouldn’t Need Saving

Citibank is being played in this week-end’s news as being in trouble, but the cause of the problem is not Citibank itself.  In fact, this article demonstrates Citibank is worth more than its current manipulated share price reveals…much much more.

The problem is primarily perception being brought on by speculators and short sellers. In September, this was so obvious, that a temporary moratorium on short selling of financial institutions was imposed.

It helped enormously to reduce the speculation driving down financial institutions, but it was lifted. The uptick rule, explained in this article was never reinstated allowing shorts to manipulate our markets once again, targeting the most vulnerable of institutions when it comes to confidence, our banks.

Hedge funds and market manipulators are at play here. Make no mistake. This is not because Citibank or any other bank are in any radical malaise they were not in before this past week relative to their businesses. It is purely a matter of perception and stock price manipulation, and we have to put a hurt on short sellers manipulating the stocks before it is too late.

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