Barney Frank And Saving The US Auto Industry

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Barney Frank is up to his old shenanigans, attempting to thwart the saving of jobs in America and blaming everyone but himself for the disaster.

Today’s great quote from the master of disaster. A solution is at hand that can provide the monies needed to the auto industry with minor rewording of a bill in Congress. But who is against saving the auto companies? Is it Bush? Is it the Republicans? Think again folks.

“There will be a great deal of resistance in the House” to redirecting the fuel-efficiency loans without previously approved environmental safeguards, said House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat.

Barney Frank has been a disaster for Massachusetts and the nation; he is almost solely responsible for the financial malaise we are in today.

Getting rid of him would do much to assist our nation in its healing process.

We like Obama, but don’t mix in a dash of Barney Rubble Frank Poison to destroy what could be a great presidency.

Cartoon by Mikhaela B. Reid

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2 Responses to "Barney Frank And Saving The US Auto Industry"

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    I am not sure what to say about Frank and Pelosi. I am so afraid that these people will have more power than ever under an Obama administration. They are funny to observe until you realize how completely inept they can be.

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